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How to save Pinterest videos and images?


Pinterest is a social media platform where you can discover, share, and save images and ideas on virtual bulletin boards. If you want to save an image from Pinterest, you can follow these simple steps:   Open Pinterest: Firstly, you need to open the Pinterest website or mobile app and sign in to your account. To download Pinterest videos try this website >> Search for the image: Use the search bar to find the image you want to save. Type in keywords related to the image in the search bar and press enter. You will see a list of images related to your search.   Select the image: Once you find the image you want to save, click on it to open it.   Click on the three dots: Hover your mouse over the image, and you will see three dots in the corner of the image. Click on those dots, and you will see a dropdown menu.   Click on the "Download image" option: In the dropdown menu, you will see an option to "Download image." Click on that option, and the image will be saved to your device.   Check the saved image: Once the image is saved, you can check your device's gallery or downloads folder to find the saved image.   Alternatively, you can also save the image by clicking on the "Save" button below the image, and it will be added to one of your Pinterest boards. To access the saved image, go to your profile and click on the board where you saved the image.   Note: Keep in mind that Pinterest images are copyrighted, and you should always respect the owner's rights. Before using the image, make sure you have the proper permission to use it.

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