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Looking at the big and wide world of games can sometimes get a bit overwhelming. What are the games that deserve your time, attention and a bit of cash? How to pick the best online games to play, when you have those few precious moments of solitude. Well, we promise to make this simple for you To be honest, if you have played CoD on your computer or console, then it will be difficult to master the mobile version. So, to make you comfort, you can choose from two types of control options: simple and advanced   If you opt for the simple controls, then your left thumb controls the movement, while your right thumb is for aiming. The way you fire in this option, is interesting. There is no fire button, what you have to do is place the reticle on the enemy, the ammo will fire. Also, select the gun that gives you better accuracy and range. The love for card games online in India goes way back into our history. Whether it is some special wedding gatherings, festivals like Diwali or a casual evening with friends, a few rounds of card games is a must. But with hectic lifestyles and distance adding to our daily troubles, playing card games physically became more and more of a challenge What turned the table completely is the popularity of online card games. The same old card games, with the easy rules, coming right to your mobile or laptop, made enjoying the game so much easier. No matter what you are doing or where you live, you can pick a live card game and enjoy it any time you like. Let’s look at the list of card games in India and just how simple it is to play them online    

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