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Find out which aluminum sheet alloys are the best


  Aluminum plate, also known as aluminum alloy plate, is a rectangular plate made of aluminum. According to the different metal elements of the aluminum alloy sheet, the aluminum alloy sheet can be mainly divided into 8 series. Many friends want to know which 1060 Aluminum Sheet are the best, but different series have different application scales and different functions. What you should do is find the best fit. Here is an example of 1 series and 2 series, 1 series aluminum plate has 1050 aluminum plate, 1060 aluminum plate, 1070 aluminum plate and 1100 aluminum plate. Product performance is shown in different states, different aluminum content, and different specifications. 1000 series aluminum sheet are also called pure aluminum, they contain the most aluminum among all series, and the purity can reach more than 99.00%. 1 series aluminum does not contain other elements, so it is widely used in daily life and industry, such as daily necessities, lighting appliances, decoration, bottle caps, billboards, building exterior wall decoration. And 2 series aluminum alloy: representing 2014, 2017, 2024 aluminum plate. The 2 series aluminum plate is characterized by high hardness and other metal elements, copper is the highest one, about 3-5%. 2 series aluminum sheets belong to aviation aluminum, they are used for heavy plate, forgings, extruded materials, wheel structures, rivets, general mechanical parts, propellers and accessories for transport structures. This is the difference between 1 series and 2 series aluminum plates. If you have other needs, you can follow the principle of searching by demand to find the right one. All series from 1 to 8, Huawei has grown rapidly with advanced technology and perfect services, every customer gives high praise to Huawei after trading orders, most customers are willing to cooperate with Huawei again and again, Huawei's Good reputation spread all over the world!

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