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Professional Aluminum 1050 Supplier | Huawei Aluminum


Professional Aluminum 1050 Supplier | Huawei Aluminum Huawei is one of the professional 1050 aluminum suppliers in China, we provide high quality 1050 aluminum sheet products at low cost. Aluminum 1050 belongs to the 1000 series pure aluminum, and the 1000 series <a href="">4 x 8 aluminum sheet</a> is the only pure aluminum series among the 8 series aluminum plates. It is also the aluminum plate with the earliest application time, the most mature production process, the widest application range and the most advantageous price among the 8 series aluminum plates. So, what are the characteristics of 1000 series pure aluminum sheets, and what are their common uses? The representative grades of 1000 series aluminum plate: 1050 aluminum plate, 1060 aluminum plate, 1100 aluminum plate, 1200 aluminum plate. The characteristics of 1050 aluminum plate are: 1. Low density. The specific gravity of pure aluminum is 2.71. In the same volume, the weight of 1050 series aluminum plate is only 35% of iron. 2, can be strengthened. 1050 series aluminum sheet can be cold worked to increase its strength, up to 1 times more. 3. Easy to process. 1000 series aluminum plate has good plasticity and is very suitable for mechanical processing, such as sawing, shearing, milling, boring, planing, turning, etc. 4. Corrosion resistance. The surface of the 1050 aluminum plate without special treatment will naturally form a dense aluminum oxide protective film, which is not easy to be damaged. Therefore, 1000 series aluminum sheets have strong resistance to atmospheric (including industrial atmosphere, marine atmosphere) corrosion and water corrosion. 5. No low temperature brittleness. The strength and plasticity of the 1000 series <a href="">0.75 Aluminum Sheet</a> will not decrease and decrease due to temperature. Below zero, the lower the temperature, the higher the strength and plasticity.

6. Good electrical and thermal conductivity. Among metals, aluminum is second only to gold, silver and copper in electrical and thermal conductivity.<span style="display: none;"> </span>

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