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Brushed Aluminum Plate 4x8 | Huawei | 1050 1100 3003 6061


The brushed aluminum sheet 4x8 is available in 1050, 1100, 3003, 5052, 6061 and other grades, and the thickness is 0.2-8 mm. Brushed aluminum plate is a kind of aluminum metal plate with strong plasticity. It is a popular material and can be used in major industries such as modern building decoration, home appliance plates, and signage. Why brushed 0.75 Aluminum Plate stands out among many metals and is used in all walks of life? 1. The high plasticity of the brushed aluminum sheet is mainly due to the integration of a large number of process elements and its own strength and toughness. The toughness of aluminum is very high, so it can be elongated or flattened, and can be freely deformed according to its own requirements. Because the brushed aluminum plate incorporates the elements of technology, it enhances the function of aluminum, making it more suitable for more occasions and better use. Secondly, brushed aluminum plate is a new type of decoration material, and the interior wall decoration made of this material can be changed according to the home environment and decoration theme. In addition, the brushed aluminum plate not only has excellent environmental protection and fire resistance, but also has a shiny metallic texture. After oxidation treatment, the surface of the brushed aluminum plate is uniform in color, fine in texture and smooth in surface, which is high-grade, atmospheric, beautiful, fresh and natural. Therefore, the wall is made of brushed 4x8 aluminum sheet, and its modern minimalist style is most popular with current home improvement consumers.

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