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Reiki healing Register For Course


Reiki is a traditional complementary therapy that is linked with energy healing. The practitioners say that it works by utilizing the energy field that are present in the body. Also, it involves transmitting energy from the hands that of the practitioner the one who receives the energy.   "Reiki" is a type of therapy that is based on energy. According to the practitioners , energy can stagnate within the body in case of physical or emotional discomfort. With time, the energy blockages may lead to illnesses.   It is an effective technique to help in the circulation of energy and clear blockages by using techniques similar to the practice of acupuncture or acupressure. A Reiki Practitioner believes increasing the flow of energy through your body will help to relax, alleviate pain, speed healing, and reduce other symptoms of illness.   A few are also referring the term Reiki in the form of hand-on therapy or a palms healing technique. As with Lame Fera's Healing Technique it's also a beneficial treatment method. It is possible to learn about this healing technique through different courses. It is possible to look over the entire list of courses that are offered by the Agnitra Foundation. You can find extremely beneficial classes covering Satvik Tantra Lama Fera, Reiki Healing and more.   Also read:-

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