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Advantages of YouTube Premium, Check Before Subscribing


The advantages of YouTube Premium are that you can enjoy content without ads, play background play videos, and access YouTube Music Premium. Is that all? To find out, see the following review.   Who doesn't know YouTube? Google's video streaming player platform, which is known throughout the world, never stops innovating.   After a dozen years of operation, YouTube has finally launched YouTube Premium, formerly known as YouTube Red, a special paid service for those of you who want to access various content with various advantages that are certainly different from regular YouTube users.   What are the advantages of YouTube Premium? Is it worth a try? Check first before subscribing through the list that has been summarized by the Magic editor below.   Advantages of YouTube Premium   No Ads   One of the things that may annoy regular YouTube users is the presence of ads that can appear at the beginning, middle, or end of a video. Some types of ads cannot be skipped, so viewers have to be patient watching the ad before watching the video they want to watch. There are also types of ads that cover 20% of the screen so that it interferes with the comfort of watching content from your favorite creators.   If you subscribe to YouTube Premium on pages: https://techtodown.com/youtube-premium-apk-1/, some of the types of ads you'd normally see will be missing: video overlay ads, banner ads, and search ads.   You may still be exposed to branding or promotion in creator videos and promotional links, galleries, and creator-enabled features. Usually, these links contain invitations to visit the site, buy merchandise, invite to subscribe, sell event tickets, and do not rule out links to brands they endorse.   Quite a relief does create that really want to watch a favorite video without commercial interruptions covering the screen or cut content.   Plays Videos and Songs in the Background   Have you ever been in a condition playing a video clip of your favorite musician on YouTube regularly but at the same time had to reply to an important chat so that the video you were watching was closed?   Well, YouTube Premium has the advantage of being able to play your favorite videos and songs in the background (background play). So you can multitask: watch videos or listen to music while opening other apps on your smart device!   Access to YouTube Music Premium   Along with its development, YouTube is not only used as a place to watch videos but also listen to music, as evidenced by the number of musicians whose names skyrocketed thanks to YouTube. Understanding this, YouTube finally launched YouTube Music through a different application from YouTube.   If you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you can also access all YouTube Music Premium features such as ad-free, offline, and background play. Not only that, but YouTube Music Premium can also play video clips of your favorite musicians.   Have Download Feature   Sometimes we are in a state of not being able to watch videos online due to connection limitations such as on a flight. In addition, there are several types of videos that are better downloaded first to make them more comfortable to watch. If you subscribe to YouTube Premium, there is a download feature on YouTube or YouTube Music, which can be accessed anytime anywhere.   Watch Exclusive Content on YouTube Originals   If you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you can get ad-free features, access to all episodes in the YouTube Originals series even as they premiere, download YouTube Originals content, and exclusive access to bonus content such as directors cuts and extra scenes.   You can view YouTube Originals content for YouTube Premium subscribers by viewing the YouTube Premium badge below the video. YouTube Originals can actually be watched without a premium YouTube subscription, but access is very limited, only certain episodes for a short period of time, and of course, you will see ads.   Some of the series on YouTube Originals are The Age of AI, a scientific documentary hosted by Robert Downey Jr., Coachella: 20 Years in the Desert, Justin Bieber: Seasons, TWICE: Seize the Light, and many others.   YouTube Premium Subscription Fee   You can enjoy YouTube Premium by paying Rp. 59 thousand, updated per month. In addition, there are also family packages and student packages that offer more economical prices. The family package can be activated for IDR 89 thousand per month for 5 family members.   The requirements for the family in this package are to live at one KTP address, be over 13 years old, and appoint one person as the family manager (the person who purchases the family package and manages the group rules).   Student packages can be purchased at a price of IDR 34,990 per month for students who meet the requirements and are verified by SheerID. Only students from schools registered with SheerID can access the YouTube Premium student plan.   YouTube Premium payments can be made using a VISA/MasterCard credit or debit card or deducting prepaid credit.   How to Subscribe to YouTube Premium   You can subscribe to YouTube Premium via the desktop or smartphone application. If you're shy about activating on your desktop, click YouTube Premium in the bottom left navigation list or visit youtube.com/premium.   Next, click GET YOUTUBE PREMIUM, then fill in all the required data starting from the card number or cellphone number, cardholder name, and billing address, then click BUY. You can cancel the purchase at any time in YouTube settings.   You can also activate a YouTube Premium subscription in the YouTube app. To do this, open the YouTube app, log in to the Google Account you want to subscribe to, select your profile picture, click Start free trial (if you qualify) or click Get YouTube Premium. Follow the next steps similar to how to subscribe in the application.   So how? Are you already interested in a YouTube Premium subscription?

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