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Pixel art games | The best of 2021


When the third dimension in the world of electronic games did not yet exist, there was pixel art: the art of graphic design by coloring pixels , the smallest conventional unit of the surface of a digital image. Through the reproduction of real luminous mosaics , pixel by pixel, square by square, the greatest dreamers of the past have managed to develop video games that have made the course of history and without which we would never have arrived here today.   In modern times, and especially since the beginning of the internet, pixel art has returned to the fore . If before this technique was limited to the potential of the machine, now it has become a stylistic and artistic expression in all respects , enhanced by today's technological updates that offer a wider range of colors to begin with, but also graphic effects that enhance the workmanship. of the visuals in pixel art. In this buying guide we try to recommend the most played titles in this 2021, between new releases and old glories still appreciated. Before examining the list, also take a leap in the guide of the best Nintendo Switch games under 30 euros , ibest anime games and best retro mini consoles.   If you like pixel art, you should not miss this site: https://www.pixelartgratuit.fr/   Best games in pixel art   Undertale   Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android   Is there really a need to present a masterpiece like Undertale ? Pearl of the independent world, this video game is entirely developed by one person, Toby Fox . Undertale is an unconventional RPG full of bizarre but profound characters and where it is not necessary to defeat enemies. The game is enriched with retro pixel art graphics , 16-bit music, and many mini-games with an arcade feel that act as boss battles. Also keep an eye out for Deltarune , the new work by Toby Fox which currently has two free chapters.   Terraria   Platform: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, Android, iOS   Another title that doesn't need too much fanfare to be present among the best pixel art games , is the immortal Terraria . Known as the 2D counterpart of Minecraft , in reality behind pickaxes, excavations and sandbox mechanics it hides a solid RPG structure and lots of content always arriving with free updates. Each world generated in Terraria is a canvas upon which players can pigeonhole their blocks made of pixels, always keeping a foot ready to explore the vast world above and below the surface.   Octopath Traveler   Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch   What would a diorama made of pixels look like ? So, like Octopath Traveler : a world in pixel art with a 3D perspective. This game developed by Square Enix is a very classic JRPG with what is called 2DHD graphics , that is two-dimensional visuals but seasoned with modern effects such as three-dimensionality, lights and particles. The game plot, needless to say, revolves around 8 characters whose fascinating fates are linked together in the world of Orsterra.   Stardew Valley   Platform: PS Vita, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS   Another game that certainly needs no introduction is Stardew Valley , another masterpiece of the independent scene. It is a life simulator openly inspired by similar games such as Harvest Moon : an open world set in a country town where the player must restore and manage his farm , while at the same time maintaining social relations with the characters who inhabit the placed through dialogues and missions. The pixel art graphics give the title a unique charisma, and the light fantasy elements dramatically increase the absurd longevity of the game.  

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