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POPULARDec. 11 Update: Operation Absolute Zero

Operation Absolute Zero is now live first on PS4! This huge new Operation delivers tons of new content across all modes:
Multiplayer: Meet Zero, our newest Specialist armed with devastating hacking abilities, including the new EMP Disruptor grenade.
Blackout: Black Ops 2’s Hijacked has been added as Blackout’s newest destination, along with the new ARAV armored vehicle and new IX Zombies Character Missions to find and complete.
Zombies: Three new Zombies features are now live – Daily Callings, the Black Ops Authenticity Stamp system, and Daily Tier Skips for Zombies on all platforms (PC coming soon).
Black Market: A revamped 100-Tier system for simpler and more rewarding progression is here, featuring new earnable Blackout characters, Mastercrafts, Epic Outfits, Reactive Camos, Weapon Camos, and new Multiplayer weapons: the Daemon 3XB SMG, SWAT RFT assault rifle, and Secret Santa melee weapon.
And for Black Ops Pass holders, we’ve launched our first drop of content, including two new Multiplayer Maps, a new Zombies experience, and the newest exclusive Blackout character first on PS4:
Multiplayer Maps: Elevation and Madagascar join the map rotation, now playable in our new Map Pack Moshpit this week on PS4.
Dead of the Night: Party up to take on a chilling new Zombies adventure set in 1912 England, featuring a full celebrity cast (Kiefer Sutherland, Helena Bonham Carter, Brian Blessed, and Charles Dance) and a host of deadly new enemies, traps, special weapons, Easter Eggs, and much more to discover.
Reaper Arrives in Blackout: “Safety protocols disengaged.” Everyone’s favorite experimental war robot from Black Ops 3 drops into Blackout to murder everything.
Zero added for use in MP and Blackout (PS4)
Hijacked, ARAV, new weapons, and IX Zombies Character Missions added in Blackout (PS4)
Revamped Black Market with 100 Tiers, including new weapons (PS4)
Daily Callings, Black Ops Authenticity Stamp, Daily Tier Skips added to Zombies (PS4/Xbox One)
MP Featured Playlists updated (PS4/Xbox One)
Prophet’s Tempest now requires more accuracy to hit targets (PS4/Xbox One)
Fixes for Dark Matter bug and Zero-related crashes in MP (PS4/Xbox One)
Prestigious Award fix in Zombies (PS4/Xbox One)
Black Ops Pass content added: 2 new MP Maps, new Zombies experience, Reaper in Blackout (PS4)


[Guide] Marksman's Weapon,Tactical-Rifles Review

Hurry up before the Big Content Update. This is Marcus T's #BO4Weaponguide #BO4Gunsguide
I am Marcus T. And T is the teacher's initials.
Tactical – Rifle may sound a little strange. This is also called DMR (Designed Marksman's Rifle) in other games. It's literally a rifle carried by a designated shooter. The designated shooter is a pathology that moves with the squadron and locates, making accurate aiming shots at the target. It's not the "Sniper" that we see in the movie, but the real marksman in the battle. In modern military, AR is converted into a dedicated DMR, or AR is used with only a scope.
There are two main characteristics.
1. Strong Penetration 2. High Accuracy
Tactical rifles are basically good penetration, and all three types of tactical rifles can be equipped with full burgundy parts except for ABR, and AUGER DMR can be equipped with all FMJ II.
In the case of AUGER DMR, you can maximize the efficiency of your wall shots by installing a Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) 2 with a unique one-shot damage.
For more information, 50 kill by wall shot will give you a calling card.
AUGER is a Semiauto tactical rifle. (one shot per click) It's the only one of the tactical rifles that's not the original Burst.
Instead of Burst, AUGER is a heavy firearmy gun. It's not exactly, but if you take four shots of your upper body, you can overpower your opponent. You can think of Semiauto as a low launch speed, but if you get used to it by pressing the button like crazy, you get to VKM's. Originally in this game, tactical rifles were a very unpopular type, but AUGER has been getting a lot of attention lately.
The accuracy of the tactical rifle's unique "awl-like shot" is combined with AUGER's Damage, which is a significant efficiency over the medium-long distances.
■ Sights
You can choose according to the map, or his personal preference. Personally, I think tactical rifles have a good reputation with NVIRs. NVIR's weakness, on the other hand, is weak in near-field combat. However, tactical rifles are the scumbags that are based on anything except the degree of Swordfish.
■ Attachments
High Caliber I & II, FMJ I & II and Long Barrel.
It reminds the paladin. However, since the operator parts are almost necessary, August should be carefully selected.
■ Operator mod
Double Tap, Converts this weapon to a 2-round burst. The Burst of this game is calibrated with accuracy. In other words, double shot per one click No matter how quickly you have been polled in semi-automatically, the gun's ability to burn is limited.
AUGER’s double tap mod is quite impressive. Think about it simply, you can kill by just 2 clicks hit instead of, 4 clicks before the normal. Hah!
2. ABR 223
Compared to AUGER, the damage is weak and quick to launch. This means that the speed of a tactical rifle is fast, just because it does a Burst. It's a very vague gun by my standards. If you have ABR's mania, please tell me the reason for the reply.
■ Sights
Unlike other tactical rifles, the ABR is not a good match for NVIR. The reason is below.
■ Attachments
Laser Sight I & II, Quickdraw, Stock I, II and Suppressor
The Attachments configuration is serious SMG. And with this patch, the accuracy of the directed shot has been increased! In short, it's an assault gun. But then, why don't we just use SMG or Maddox? To be honest, based on accuracy, mid-range combat is meant to be a tactical rifle. This is literally a terrible hybrid.
■ Operator mod
Repeater, The delay between bursts decreases the longer the trigger is held.
Do not mistake 'Burst' for 'Full Auto'!
As the explanation shows, it means to accelerate Burst. The problem is that there is a gap between each burst, and Nerf has been added so that the interval is getting even longer with the last patch. I was already dead before I shot the second shot at close range; ABR is also very difficult to use because it has weak damage and no High Caliber.
Personally, I think I can just exclude this gun if it is not because of Dark Matters.
Basic 4-round burst tactical rifle. Fast firing speed and accuracy are advantages. In a nutshell, four bullets per click are fired quickly. It is popular on the console, but it is a very undervalued gun on PC. If you hit a 4-round burst, Enemy's HP will melt to 90%.
However, because the interval between bursts is very short, you can shoot with Auto Shot just like the One Shot in the middle.
■ Attachments
High Caliber, FMJ and Quickdraw I & II
It is easy to say that it is a middle balance between Auger and ABR.
■ Operator Mods
Pentaburst is the core of Swordfish. Refitted burst mechanism adds one bullet to each burst. Also provides additional ammo.
The number of additional ammunition increases by four to 40. Originally, it was Nerf, which was 9 feet long and 45 feet long. If you hit an existing 4-round burst and HP is about 90% worn out, you can add one shot to kill the opponent. This is a big thing, unlike other tactical rifles, Swordfish can be relatively close range.
Even if you face the opponent in the corner, you can control it with one click.
If you have any problems or questions in my Guide, please leave comments at any time!
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6. Dream of One Shot One Kill, All of SRs Review




POPULARKilling Time❤️🍕


POPULAR[Guide] Dream of One Shot One Kill, All of SRs Review

Greeting! It's been a long time Mooters! This is #BO4Weaponguide #BO4Gunsguide
This time, I will review the most attractive categories at a glance. Sniper-Rifle (SR) In short, a sniper's gun. Let's look at the features of SR in Black Ops 4.
1. Very high accuracy and penetration
2. Single bolt action based
3. One shot in headshots
Accuracy and penetration is important things in SR because of course it is the strongest. The SRs on Black Ops 4 are mostly based on single-bolt action. It is a way to load through a process of shooting a pair and pulling the lever and putting the next shot into the chamber.
Well ... of course, the speed is slow, and I often have to walk everything in one pair. It's a man's dream.
Headshot 1 shot 1 kill is an important part of the game, like the Rainbow Six, which is either 'unconditionally' on the system, or the damage is over 150 at the time of the headshot.
Anyway, all current SRs have one shot in headshots, especially Paladin and KOSHKA, with High Caliber, one shot in the upper body. Only the SRs are allowed to breathe when zooming in. This game is surprisingly large at the time of zooming by breathing. The SRs will then activate the breath hold function, which will hold the immobilizer for about 5 seconds if you hold down the L3 key. After this time, the breath will fade and the breath will shake more and more. It's possible. Because of this, SRs have dedicated attachments related to this bounce function.
Stabilizer 1 reduces the fluctuation caused by breathing during zooming,
Stabilizer 2 increases breathing time. 2 is unique to Paladin.
1. Paladin HB50
It is a one-shot sniper gun that is basically given at level 5. But it is a master craft gun that has been firmly in the top of the SR after the patch because of its powerful damage and proper attachments configuration, low fire level to high performance, and the enemy upper body.
The damage is highest among all the main weapons, not only among all SRs. On the other hand, the accuracy is lowered somewhat, but it does not become a big problem when aiming at shooting, but it is almost as if the aiming shot is almost right.
Therefore, it is important to increase the reload speed of these guns. As you can see from the description of attachments below, Paladin is yes. There is no such thing. The slowest, but the most heavy one shot. That's the man's rifle, Paladin.
■ Sights
Paladin actually has the most sights of all SRs. In general, ACOG is used a lot, but some people use detectors, holograms and even iron sight.
■ Attachments
'Stabilizer' is only attachments to SRs, Paladin is the only two mountable. Also, the only attachments that are unique to Paladin are automatic loaders, which are attachments that allow you to load without releasing the zoom in. When you look at the attachments composition, Paladin's style, which the crew wants, is located in a certain area and you can use it to zoom in beforehand and kill the enemy that appears. If you go into the game, you can see it easily, experienced users are slaughtering newbie with Paladin. If you go to Reddit, you could see many users complaint Paladin needs nuff with this issue. However, if you try it, it is surprising that this game has a wide range of targeting so Paladin is a relatively easy to use gun for beginners.
SRs are basically good penetrating power, especially Paladin can get FMJ II, so you can try on the month's shotgun, but Paladin is a one shot gun, so it's efficient .
Wearing gloves with only FMJ1 You can improve efficiency against users, but the correlation between armor and FMJ is still a much needed part of your research. Paladin does not have an operator mod.
2. Outlaw
It is a revolver type bolt action single shot sniper rifle. It is in the form of a revolver rather than a magazine, but reloading is done 9 times at once, like the "Tubular Magazine" of the MOZU revolver. Accuracy is the best among the SRs, so it fits well with the aiming fire, and the speed of fire will be the 'pulling speed of the lever'? This is the fastest of the bolt-action SRs. It is a sniper rifle capable of shooting at almost one shot per second as you become accustomed to the attachments described below.
■ Sights
The SRs have the fewest number of sights, but it does not matter if they have anything to do.
■ Attachments
Rapid fire, Quickdraw and Stock are attachments that illustrate OUTLAW's identity. In particular, in the case of rapid fire, it is said that the rotational speed of the chamber is described, but in reality, it can be said that the lever pulling speed is faster. That is, the interval between firing is shorter. Because of this, it is not semi-automatic, but it is possible to have a very crazy auto fire. For bolt action. In the case of a vertical knob that reduces the kickback during a firing, it is also useless to bolt action sniper guns, but it is attachments that produce synergies when combined with the OUTLAW snapshots.
The identity of OUTLAW can be seen as 'speed & lightness'. It is a sniper rifle that quickly pours a shot while moving quickly, but the bolt action is a bolt action in the end. The fact that you do not have a single upper limb when you put a High Caliber on anything is basically a fatal flaw in the bolt action rifle OUTLAW. OUTLAW is a very hard-to-grow gun. Nonetheless, the reason for raising this gun is because of the operational mode.
■ Mods : Bolt Cylinder
Let's get this out of three at a time! I mean Burst. Of course, if you get all three shots, you will be killed by your arms and legs. High Caliber If you mix the upper body and die in two feet. Note that this burst is very fast. One thing to keep in mind is that OUTLAW has 9 basic jackpots. You can only shoot 3 times with a bolt cylinder.
Because of this, when using operator mod, 'Improved magazines' attachments are mandatory, not optional. This will increase your total grenade to 15 feet.
The problem is that Operator Mods, High Caliber, and Rapid Fire do not have a seat, but if you give up your prizes and secondary weapons and choose to fly, you can kill them in one burst, so I will choose to give up Rapid Fire and take the rest.
3. SDM
It is SDM which occupies a quite unique position in Black Ops 4 because it is the only semi-automatic rifle in SR. Due to its semi-automatic nature, many people are mistaken for DMR, SDM is a "sniper rifle" belonging to SR category. Honestly, it is a personal view, but I think it is a gun that is undervalued due to stereotypes of semiautomatic = DMR, or even one-shot monkeys in the same SR category, despite having a very well-balanced stats and balance. There are actually a handful of enthusiasts who pull out monster damage from ingame to SDM. Unless you are a high-end user, the latter is much more helpful to the team if you have a newbie with Paladin and SDM. Once you have a newbie with SR, it's a negative to the team itself.
■ Sights
Not as good as Paladin, but with a wide variety of sights. Just like DMR, the dangers with NVIR are okay.
■ Attachments
Extended Mags II and Grip II stand out. SDM, which is semiautomatically fast and has a high firing rate, is a gun that melts when it shoots. Because of this, the large magazines are quite useful attachments, 1 for 4, 2 for an additional 4. Extended Mags II has a total of 18 guns.
Continuing to zoom in on the SDM, like the Auger DMR, the Grip is also very useful. With the Paladin, there is no operator mod, so there is a lot of attachments, which is not a bad choice.
Like the Paladin, it is a single bolt action SR. Compared to Paladin, it has a firing rate of 1 square and a damage of 1 square. This one box really makes a lot of difference. Decisively, I do not have the upper body one-shot. Damage based on this patch is 140.
The launch rate is a little bit faster, but is it still a bolt action rifle, so the lever pulling speed is still slightly faster than Paladin? Killing the opponent and pulling the lever slowly, and pulling the lever down like the OUTLAW, but KOSHKA is somewhere in between. Is it ambiguous? However, due to the patch upgrade, these disadvantages of KOSHKA change into merits!
■ Sights
ACOG, Iron, ELO, NVIR (Boring!)
■ Attachments
Most notable is the Quickdraw and Laser Sight. Hip fire is good Quickdraw is the key to being a bolt action anyway. Mounting up to Quickdraw II speeds up the zooming in speed. High Caliber has made KOSHKA the biggest beneficiary in this patch! When this is installed, it becomes the same as Paladin, and one-shot can be made possible.
Quickly aim and quickly reload, 1 foot - KOSHKA
Slowly aiming, slowly reloading, 1 foot - Paladin
KOSHKA would be better than Paladin, but it is not necessarily. High Caliber opens at level 11, which is really hard to raise to level 11. No matter how fast you zoom, what do you do?
Of course, it is clear that KOSHKA is Paladin's upward compatibility when compared to full mount Paladin and full mount KOSHKA in the current state.
■ Mods : Strelok
This is a very subtle attachments, but the zoom speed is faster. The visibility is widening, these words were many attachments. So I did the experiment today. This feature probably reduces the 'sway' feature.
Let's think of this sway as something that we actually aim at with a sighted gun. Put the gun on your shoulder, put your chin on the gun, put your eye on the sights, right? In the process 'shakes' of course. I shake and the gun shakes. This phenomenon is called 'sway' (or turn-sway).
This sway phenomenon? Function? Has been used as a function to prevent zooming of real-based shooters as well as zooming in on unrealistic games.
Especially the previous works of Cole were notorious for this sway. Black Ops 4 has been shrinking at the time of launch, but ...
In other words, if these attachments reduce the sway and swiftly aim at it, theoretically KOSHKA will be a very fast sniper.
If you want to see more of my gun reviews, check the hashtag and click on the link below:
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4. An assassinable balance protector!
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POPULARDec. 3 Update: 1.08 Notes


POPULARNovember 27th Patch Notes


POPULARChoose the right gun for your play.

There is a commonality between weapons and distances.
= Sometimes from the Multiplayer, some players try to take the SR over long distances with SMG, and then they take the LMG and they fight at close range.
I've seen a lot.Usually. It is usually based on the position of each weapon, and if you are out of position, unless you are a high-ranked opponent, you can not use the characteristics of the weapon.
In the SR, the goal is to take a long position, preoccupy a long alley, and shoot down enemies.Or it's important to get rid of the enemy of special forces.
LMG takes a mid- to long-range position similar to the SR, but then puts pressure on the entrance of the occupied territory so that the enemy can't come in, so if they're carrying a full-blooded gun, they'repeat-face. You can think of it as a simple struggle.
You can think of AR as a result of the accurate aim and control over the enemy in a mid-range exchange. When LMG checks you, you can be shot to death with a little blood cut, or you can shoot the other AR.
DMR has a similar position as LMG, but since the accuracy of DMR is very good in medium and long distances than pressure shots, it is aimed at putting accurate dilling into each other during a struggle. The enemy is something I don't care about, but I have to be good at controlling the distance with the DMR to create a situation where I can meet the enemy.
SMG is the most near-field exchange, but it is the right position for back-to-back input. At the same time as AR, it becomes the main force of battle.
The purpose of the game is to shake the opponent's side by side or back, using very fast mobility. However, if two or more players on the five-member team follow suit, there is a possibility that the front will be pierced in the fight. Generally, bypass positions recommend one person, so up to two people are appropriate.


POPULARAre we as dumb as Treyarch and Activision think we are?

Look, I'm going to admit I preordered Call of Duty games in the past and even the newest one. With some of the recent changes and upcoming features in Call of Duty I can't help but wonder if we really are as dumb as Activison and Treyarch think we are.

Two "new" maps were found within the game files and those two new maps are *insert drumroll*

Firing Range Night and Seaside Sunset!

Of the 15 multiplayer maps we have 5 of them are remakes. Considering the original Black Ops launched with 14 UNIQUE maps it makes me think Treyarch are getting lazy.

Add on the two maps I mentioned earlier (which will most likely be paid DLC) and the total number of remakes jumps to 7. I understand some maps are worth remaking, but after hearing the community complain about some of the remakes it becomes apparent that we didnt ask for this.

I want to mention the two "new" seasonal variants we can get as well. How many of you preordered a physical copy of the game at gamestop so you could get that preorder bonus? Well that extra mile you went apparently wasnt worth it as everyone can now obtain it. For those who didnt or couldnt preorder BO4 from Gamestop, I dont expect you to be too upset over it. However, remember that free variant everyone had for the Maddox, but then lost it without any explanation? Well, that was an error on Treyarch's part so they took it back and expected us to want to buy it after already having it before.

That Treyarch employee who was fired, mentioned that no one cared if the general player got bluescreens as well unless we are large streamers. I am surprised by the lack of outrage from that.

There is SO many more things that could be covered, but let me pass the question off to you.

Are we dumb for falling for this stuff every year?

Firing Range Night and Seaside Sunset were released as free maps on November 27th.


POPULARNever miss a chance to practice for COD


POPULARYo buddy!


POPULARI'd bet right side.


[Guide] How to Pack-A-Punch

The most necessary thing to survive in zombies is to upgrade your guns. As the wave continues, more zombies come from all sides, so there is a limit to existing guns. You need a stronger weapon to deal with a powerful zombie. So the 'Pack-A-Punch' altar, which can strengthen guns, is very important in zombie mode.
The four maps of zombie mode differ not only in the map features but also in the strategy. The most popular map, "IX," introduces all relevant information, including how to summon the "Pack-A-Punch" altar, how to get to the altar, and how it will cost and effect gun upgrades.
■ Ring the Gong & Kill the Champion.
The first step in activating the 'Pack-A-Punch' altar in IX is to kill the champion from sounding Gong in the four altar rooms and win the head drop. You can find a gong near the wall of 'La altar', 'Daun's altar room', 'Odin altar room', and 'Zeus altar room', approach and interact win the champion You can call it.
If you have killed the corresponding champion in each altar and collected your head, it is time to head to the altar. When you are confused whether you have collected all of them, you can check the inventory. Go to the 'Temple' on the lowest level of the map and put the four heads gathered at the altar to reveal the 'Pack-A-Punch' altar.
■ Activate Pack A Punch
The temple with 'Pack-A-Punch' on the IX map is at the bottom center of the basement and can only be accessed through the 'Flooded Crypts’ and The Pit' . Because the passage is in the form of a circular ring surrounding the shrine, you can turn right and left to get to the 'Flooded Crypts’ or 'The Pit'.
However, since there is only one route to enter the temple from the flooded basement or the body pit, there are many cases where you can’t find it if you go around with zombies. If you make a mistake, the circular path will continue to spin round and round. Therefore, if you arrive in a flooded cellar or body pit, you should look closely at the room and look for the entrance to the temple. Below is a summary of the routes from the altar of each temple to reach the temple....
Now that you have all four of the heads, it’s time to make your way down to the Flooded Crypts. To reach this area, simply head down underground through any of the four towers that are situated around the arena. Once you reach the Flooded Crypts, head inside the Temple and you should see a statue with four spikes around it. Place the heads on the spikes and then they will sink into the ground, replacing the statue with the Pack-A-Punch machine.
■ Upgrade cost
Uses 5,000 points at first use, then reduces to 1,500 points.
If you activated the "Pack-A-Punch" altar in the temple, it is time to strengthen your guns. All guns require 5,000 points on initial upgrade. Second, additional upgrades can be made to 2,500 points, in which case the gun is randomly assigned a property option.
A total of four properties are known as 'Kill-O-Watt', 'Brain Rot', 'Cryo-freeze' and 'Fire bomb'. The attribute effect of additional hardening is not always triggered in an attack, and it affects the enemy in a probabilistic manner.
Kill-O-Watt : Give zombies a paralytic effect.
Brain Rot : Zombies help allies fight when applying effects.
Cryo-freeze : Reduces movement speed by freezing zombies.
Fire Bomb : A zombie explodes in flames and damages the surrounding zombies.
■ Caution
If you don't like the option given in the gun, you can change it from the 'Pack-A-Punch' altar to 2,500 points. However, since one of the four options is randomly determined, some properties are the same as the option before the change. If the 'Pack-A-Punch' altar has been strengthened four more times with a score of 2,500 points since the initial strengthening of 5,000 points, the cost will be reduced to 1,500 points.
As the initial reinforcement of the reinforced gun will fill up to the maximum amount, it can be used strategically in zombie mode, which lacks ammunition. However, since ammunition will not be charged from the second reinforcement, it should not be used indiscriminately by believing in the "Pack-A-Punch" altar.
I hope this guide will help you clear IX. If you want to see more of this post about Zombies, please follow me. (Click my profile!) Please refer to the link below because it is a series zombie guide.

1. [Guide] Overview of Zombies
2. [Guide] Preparations are necessary to survive!
3 [Guide] How to build ‘Brazen Bull’ the shield in IX