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Wins Over Spins: How to Exceed in Search and Destroy.


Search and Destroy is one of the timeless game modes introduced to the Call of Duty series. From the trick shots, to the hero moments, to the funny kill cams and all else that follows, we’ve all had our fair share of run ins with search lobbies. What if you and some friends wanted to take it to the next level and absolutely dominate the lobby? What do you do and where do you start? Search has always been a mode that, when taken seriously, stresses knowledge and teamwork. Anybody can jump into a respawn mode and drop a high kill game, but with one life a round, it takes a special player to exceed on their own, and a solid team to win. One of the most important things you could do to up your game in search would be to learn your maps. Know the spawn points, the quickest routes around as well as choke points, camping spots and power positions. Knowing these areas on the map, and how to get to them, will give you an idea as to where enemies are trying to end up as well as giving you an edge in the gunfight. Other things, such as nade spots and lines of sight, are ways to get a cheeky kill in the early parts of a round and get your team a morale boost for the round. Search is MORALE HEAVY, and keeping that in mind could be the key to winning back a round you may have lost. For example, if your playing on defense and your team secures the first kill, the other team will adjust their play. You may see them hesitate, and play slower being down a person. Early kills are an easy way to shake up the opposition and earn a successful round. Not only that, but if a team wins a few in a row, they will more than likely get cocky and ego challenge. Put themselves in vulnerable spots for the high kill game, or, just because they think it’s an easy game now that their up 3-0. It is SUPER important not to let these situations effect how you play. Your team may adjust how they push or defend the site, but the pace is very important. One of the most important parts of playing Search and Destroy with the intent to win, is situational awareness as well as how you play both sides of the bomb. Attacking being the more important side of the spectrum. Organizing a successful plant could prove to be a daunting task to some, so having a well orchestrated team is very important. When attacking, it’s in your best interest to commit to one. A lot of the time (especially when playing solo), you get a straggler going over to B bomb on an A push. KNOW YOUR PLAN, stick to it and do your best to execute. Watch out for bomb site connectors , as defenders always watch out through those and attack from different entry points! Don’t all flood through the one door that has a clear sight line from their spawn. Almost every bomb site on any given map has more than one way to reach it, so hit it from all angles! On offense one of the best things you could do, is beat a defending player to a hold point. Using stims to reset your tactical sprint or tossing a grenade over to delay them. An easy kill, while they’re trying to get set up with an attacking player right in their face. Once your team manages to get a bomb down, the hardest part of offense is over, now the opponent has to retake the site, essentially making you the new defenders. Hold the entry points, have eyes on bomb and you’re most likely a-okay! Otherwise, just win your gunfights, and make your call outs. Defense, for the most part, is the easier side to play. A good majority of maps on Modern Warfare are very one sided toward the defenders. When defending, you have six players to carefully disperse to try and make each bomb hard to over take. In most cases, you’d like to have three people on the bomb with the most ease of access to the opponent. If one bomb is closer to their spawn, or they have a very quick walk over to, send the third and get there ASAP. On the one that’s a bit less vulnerable, you really only need two people. Easy lines of sight, maybe a claymore if you’re feeling a s’more ;). Have the last person play mid. This is where all of your information is coming from on defense and this is easily translated to offense as well. The person playing the middle of the map, is going to tell you where the enemy team is pushing, where they’re headed towards of spawn, as well as weather or not they’re splitting up. Once that person gets whatever info they can without getting their head taken off, have them rotate where they’re needed. For example, if someone on your team who usually plays A bomb, have the mid player rotate to that site. Or if you notice a heavy B bomb push, you may want to give the team a helping hand over that way! Middle is a way to play defense and find success ESPECIALLY AS A SOLO PLAYER! If the enemy team manages a plant, rotate, and play as if you were on offense! These are some of the ways that I’ve been able to find success while mainly playing Search and Destroy. Very simple game mode, and when you know your maps, these tips are super easy and become second nature. It all comes down to forethought, map knowledge and situational awareness. This is why the game mode is timeless and is so fun to play competitively, because between all of this, there are so many different ways to approach sites and play the game mode. At high level of play, you can get super creative and play a bit more freely! But if you stay true to the wins, it’s a very simple way of doing it!

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