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Top 5 Places to Loot in Call of Duty: Warzone

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Despite being considered a randomized experience, Warzone manages to provide a few key spots that are always ripe for the picking. While legendary boxes are completely random and impossible to track down, there are several spots that seem to be constantly packed with item boxes on top of item boxes. Here are the top 5 places for loot in Call of Duty: Warzone.   5. The TV Station-

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I find myself in the TV station very rarely during my matches in Warzone, but fortunately, when the circle has it in the area, I always make sure to pay a trip to this unique little building. The first thing to note is it’s absolutely filled with windows that can lead to a lot of problems if you stay in the lobby too long. Luckily, that’s not where we’re going to be looting. The main loot takes place in the back office area where there are tons of cubicles and tv monitors. Usually, you should be able to find a legendary box around here but at the very least, you will leave this area with a ton of cash and some solid weaponry.   4. The Hospital-

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Personally, I despise this place. It’s enormous, it’s dark, creepy and there are so many different hallways and windows and doors for players to attack from that it constantly feels like a deathtrap. There are also so many floors and vantage points to get shot from and it’s usually the last place you’re at before you hit the Gulag. All that being said, this building is absolutely loaded with chests. You are pretty much guaranteed to find at least a Superior or Legendary weapon here at some point and sometimes the best chests are hidden behind doors or in tiny offices. If you’re low on cash and it’s not too far out of your way, take your team to the hospital and just comb the halls for what you need. Just don’t be too shocked when you’re lit up by 4 teams at once.   3. The Prison

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You want your Warzone with a side of vertigo? Then the Prison has you covered. This spiraling nightmare of a structure has countless floors to navigate and that’s just until you get to the roof. From there, you have towers, multiple side rooms, a helicopter, it’s truly ridiculous the amount of stuff here. The main area we’re going to aim for though is the floors of prison cells, whether it’s on in the various control rooms set up or in the actual cells themselves, you will leave the complex with an astounding amount of loot for your whole team. You better be careful when roaming through these halls though as plenty of teams might have the same idea. This is especially true for the rooftop area where snipers tend to make their home an awful lot. This area is best looted when it’s far away from the circle, generally meaning there are going to be fewer enemies to fight through there. Some teams tend to hang around here for the entire match though, so it’s tough to know exactly what’s awaiting you behind these stone walls.   2. Airport

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The Airport has an amazing amount of space and areas to loot, the common thread though as you’ve seen is it is absolutely packed with enemies all over. Everyone knows the hot spots to loot by now and not everyone is willing to take a Scavenger Mission at the very beginning of the round. This often leads to a flood of people landing near the Airport and hitting up the various hangars for their loot. This is no shocker because if you’ve ever been inside one of these hangars, you know that there are countless amount of boxes to be opened. The best part of this area is it is almost a guarantee that you can find a legendary box laying around there. You’re going to need it too because another player is never too far behind from taking you out and getting that loot you thought was yours. The best strategy to loot here is to get in and out extremely fast, do not linger here admiring your weapons, get what you can, and get the hell out. When you do escape, DO NOT go to the runway area. It’s usually got multiple buy stations nearby and snipers just love to pick you off as you run out in the open there. To add to the headache, the massive tower overlooks the whole airport and there could be snipers or just a team stacked with airstrikes waiting for a hapless enemy team to roam into their view. Exit through the back and go through the buildings for cover, thank me later.   1. The Superstore

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What is without a doubt my favorite Call of Duty: Modern Warfare map this year has become one of the most polarizing areas in all of Warzone. If you are desperate for weapons, ammo, or needing to buy a teammate back, there is no place better suited for it than the sprawling and appropriately named Superstore. This is undoubtedly the highest risk, highest reward area on Verdansk. With multiple entrances, a massive rooftop, and tons of entryway’s from the multiple heights, the Superstore is a chaotic and rewarding place to be. Littered throughout all of the store are massive piles of cash and a seemingly endless amount of item boxes to be opened. It’s not unheard of to go in there with $100 and come out with $18,000. If you time your trips to the Superstore properly, you can fully outfit your team with everything you need for the rest of the match. This timing is key though and it’s usually a good idea to use a UAV or heartbeat sensor before heading in as it’s usually full of people thinking the same thing as you. This is a dip in, dip out operation. Don’t let your eyes write checks that your ass can’t cash, because if you get a little too greedy, you’re going to get smoked from any number of directions and it’s going to feel really bad when you realize you had $15,000 but just needed a tiny bit more.   So what do you think? What are the best places to get loot in your opinion? Let’s talk about it below!    

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  • Dylan verified Admin Jul 17, 2020, 08:29 AM

    These are the most underrated places to drop/loot in the game IMO!

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    there are other spots that have mad loot and money that aren't on here

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    yea def check out the lowkey underrated places cuz the places above r gonna put u in fights 100%

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    appreciate this

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    I’m bad at the game

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    ppl go superstore bc they see streamers do it. so go there😂 if you can shoot halfway decent you can get some solid starts

  • EmirDiaz LV.7 Clearly Hacking Jul 18, 2020, 04:26 PM

    hospital is and always will be only good for loot.

  • Racelife32 LV.4 Lurker Jul 18, 2020, 10:37 PM

    good places if you can shoot straight

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    right I see what u saying

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