B03 Zombies LV.2 Lurker
May 11, 2020, 04:08 AM 153 read

Black ops 3 zombies


I need someone to help me complete some Easter eggs in bo3 zombies! I have completed 2 Easter eggs. I am pretty good at zombies but sometimes I get overwhelmed completing all the step if anyone can help me please help! I am 13 ps4 player. Please help! #blackops #zombies #bo3 #blackopszombies #blackops3

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  • BANI LV.2 Lurker May 16, 2020, 05:05 PM

    Which Easter egg ... I’m pretty good !

  • B03 Zombies LV.2 Lurker May 20, 2020, 10:08 AM

    Check your messages!!