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Jan 17, 2020, 08:32 AM 32 read

Activision Tournament Squad!

Call of Duty: Promotions - Activision Tournament Squad! image 1

I am the leader of “The WASP” team on Activision and need more squad mates to fill our team. Every week is a different tournament, this weeks is Domination Wins. We are currently in first place but need more people to help contribute! If we win this week we win a 30 minute 2x XP token and an exclusive in game item! How to Join: 1. Download the Activision app for your phone 2. Type in your Activision information so it links with you in game 3. Join the squad called “The WASP” Please join if you are willing to contribute each week towards our success in tournaments! At the very least download the app and each week it gives you in game rewards for just using the app. I hope you decide to join! If not then I’ll see you on the battlefield! Activision ID: MyApologies4U

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  • MyApologies4U LV.21 Nightmare Jan 17, 2020, 08:38 AM

    I’m going to be kicking inactive members come Monday. So there will be more than 5 slots available!