Twisted Legend LV.2 アウトサイダー
Jul 29, 2019, 11:13 AM 62 read

Clan Try Outs PS4


Bo4 Try-Outs Weapon bans - VAPR-XKG, MADDOX RFB, SPITFIRE, CORDITE, SAUG 9MM, SDM, OUTLAW Gear Bans - Stim Shot, Body Armor Perk Bans - Flak Jacket, Tactical Mask, Cold Blooded, Ghost Equipment Bans - Trophy System, Frag, Molotov, Concussion Scorestreak Bans - All except, UAV, Counter UAV Map - Nuketown, Hardcore Mode Or Core All clan info: Clan members- 1-50 Elder membership- Discounts On TwIsTeD Merch, Shoutouts At Anytime, No Waiting In queue to join games! Co-Leader Membership- Can Adjust Clan Rules, Free Merch when Affordable, Always Eligible To Play, Can Kick Members/Elders! RULES- No Toxicity To Other Clan Mates, MUST HAVE A MIC, Must Stay Active Unless there’s a reason, Play On PS4,Mobile,Switch,PC, Xbox (this is for fortnite only), Must play Other Games besides Fortnite Such as Minecraft, CoD, Brawlhalla, Paladins, 7 Days To Die, R6, Must have Over 40 Wins for Fortnite Clan, CoD levels(Prestige 2, and above), And Have Fun

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