The Xiled Ones

The Xiled Ones (XBOX)

The Xiled Ones - NOW RECRUITING - 16+ - Must Have Mic

Become a member of The Xiled Ones today and play with hundreds of gamers. build friendships, and support the XiledMovement

message me for more information!

LV.3 Lurker 3h

LV.2 Lurker 7h

Yo guys, they shuted down my old yt channel so i maded new one... Check out what i just hit 💪💪


LV.2 Lurker 8h

Please watch me do tag der toten ee it will mean a lot

I'm live on Twitch - Watch me at

LV.6 Nomad 12h

Please watch me do the Easter egg it will mean a lot <3

I'm live on Twitch - Watch me at

LV.6 Nomad 12h

New video is Up on YouTube at DEMONs Kingdom

LV.12 Professional Noob 12h

Best no aim assist player #1 | Follow @SnachetMobileYT on instagram for more ;)

LV.20 Professional Noob 15h

🚨 Goodbye Black Ops 4... Hello Modern Warfare! 🚨

LV.6 Nomad 19h

Call of Duty Dallas Roster Reveal

LV.3 Lurker 20h

Starting a COD Team DM me!!

It will be for the new modern warfare you have 1 week

LV.2 Lurker 1d

Sub goal 166/200

Watch "Call of Duty Black ops 4 | Operation Dark Divide |Self promotion welcome" on YouTube

LV.23 Sharpshooter 1d


Watch getbodieh0e_ with me on Twitch!

LV.16 Sage 1d

Would anyone be interested in TXO Gaming Community? (Xbox/16+)

TXO is a place where all gamers go to play with each other
Any time zone can join
We are a very active community with over 1000+ members.
Message me to get a invite
You need over 1000+GS to join
Xbox name: TXO Fusi0n
If anyone have any questions feel free to message me

LV.9 Best Squadmate 2d


LV.10 Nomad 2d

Go check out my new call of duty mobile video

LV.2 Lurker 2d

XGN Recruiting (XBOX)

Xiled Gaming Network is an ever expanding gaming network ranging over Xbox, Playstation and PC. We're not game specific so we play whatever game we want. We also have a voluntary ranking system which will help you grow as a leader. We have multiple sponsors such as Rogue Energy, Scuf Gaming, and more! See the picture below for requirements. Skill level doesn't matter. Everyone is welcome

LV.16 Apex > Fortnite 2d

Recruiting for KING Clan looking for sweats I have a 7.50 K/D blackout 6.30 K/D

LV.4 Lurker 2d

Check This Montage 🔥💪

LV.10 Nomad 2d

Check out my latest montage like or sub👍

Watch "My Other Last Clips Bo4" on YouTube

LV.11 Chief 2d


Watch getbodieh0e_ with me on Twitch!

LV.16 Sage 2d

Come and support me!💖👍👌🏻

Watch "ROAD TO DARK MATTER:Assult rifles" on YouTube

LV.4 Creeper 3d

Recruiting For Modern Warfare

The Clan Valinent Gaming is looking for new members! Dose not matter what you play on,as long as you are active on Modern Warfare and Discord there will be no problems :) If you have any questions or are intrested PM me and I will get back with you as soon as possible!

LV.4 Lurker 3d


Join Anix Today ‼️

We're currently looking for :
🔸Pro/Comp Players
🔸Content creators
🔸Pub stomper's

All platforms are welcomed !

The platfroms we play on :




Requirements 📝 :

Must be a active player
Must be loyal & active
Must have a mic

We're a Re-establish Team trying to make a comeback 🙌 @Anixtiy

LV.3 Lurker 3d

Gained 5 subscribers from this video and im still gaining, Modern Warfare aint Ready for me

LV.19 Clearly Hacking 3d

Mozu mod + strife mod gameplay

LV.4 Lurker 3d

Did a throwback cod video! Go check it out! Like and sub! Road to 600 subs!

Sub for subs? Dm me!

LV.20 S 3d

Swap Originals Tryouts

Looking for snipers dm me if interested in a team

LV.5 Lurker 3d

Live on twitch

LV.5 Lurker 3d

CODM Clan for All

Clan for anyone to join, just be active and play a lot. Made this so we can all help level up the clan and gain extra bonus XP!

LV.13 Chief 3d


Hey i started a clan a couple days ago and i have 3 people in it so far lmao. it’s a clan just to chill but take ranked seriously. if you stay long enough and loyal you will get co. hope you join

LV.3 Lurker 3d