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How to Pack-A-Punch

■Introduce The most necessary thing to survive in zombies is to upgrade your guns. As the wave continues, more zombies come from all sides, so there is a limit to existing guns. You need a stronger weapon to deal with a powerful zombie. So the 'Pack-A-Punch' altar, which can strengthen guns, is very important in zombie mode.   The four maps of zombie mode differ not only in the map features but also in the strategy. The most popular map, "IX," introduces all relevant information, including how to summon the "Pack-A-Punch" altar, how to get to the altar, and how it will cost and effect gun upgrades.  

■ Ring the Gong & Kill the Champion. The first step in activating the 'Pack-A-Punch' altar in IX is to kill the champion from sounding Gong in the four altar rooms and win the head drop. You can find a gong near the wall of 'La altar', 'Daun's altar room', 'Odin altar room', and 'Zeus altar room', approach and interact win the champion You can call it.  

If you have killed the corresponding champion in each altar and collected your head, it is time to head to the altar. When you are confused whether you have collected all of them, you can check the inventory. Go to the 'Temple' on the lowest level of the map and put the four heads gathered at the altar to reveal the 'Pack-A-Punch' altar.  

■ Activate Pack A Punch The temple with 'Pack-A-Punch' on the IX map is at the bottom center of the basement and can only be accessed through the 'Flooded Crypts’ and The Pit' . Because the passage is in the form of a circular ring surrounding the shrine, you can turn right and left to get to the 'Flooded Crypts’ or 'The Pit'.   However, since there is only one route to enter the temple from the flooded basement or the body pit, there are many cases where you can’t find it if you go around with zombies. If you make a mistake, the circular path will continue to spin round and round. Therefore, if you arrive in a flooded cellar or body pit, you should look closely at the room and look for the entrance to the temple. Below is a summary of the routes from the altar of each temple to reach the temple....  

Now that you have all four of the heads, it’s time to make your way down to the Flooded Crypts. To reach this area, simply head down underground through any of the four towers that are situated around the arena. Once you reach the Flooded Crypts, head inside the Temple and you should see a statue with four spikes around it. Place the heads on the spikes and then they will sink into the ground, replacing the statue with the Pack-A-Punch machine.   ■ Upgrade cost Uses 5,000 points at first use, then reduces to 1,500 points. If you activated the "Pack-A-Punch" altar in the temple, it is time to strengthen your guns. All guns require 5,000 points on initial upgrade. Second, additional upgrades can be made to 2,500 points, in which case the gun is randomly assigned a property option. A total of four properties are known as 'Kill-O-Watt', 'Brain Rot', 'Cryo-freeze' and 'Fire bomb'. The attribute effect of additional hardening is not always triggered in an attack, and it affects the enemy in a probabilistic manner.

Kill-O-Watt : Give zombies a paralytic effect. Brain Rot : Zombies help allies fight when applying effects. Cryo-freeze : Reduces movement speed by freezing zombies. Fire Bomb : A zombie explodes in flames and damages the surrounding zombies.   ■ Caution If you don't like the option given in the gun, you can change it from the 'Pack-A-Punch' altar to 2,500 points. However, since one of the four options is randomly determined, some properties are the same as the option before the change. If the 'Pack-A-Punch' altar has been strengthened four more times with a score of 2,500 points since the initial strengthening of 5,000 points, the cost will be reduced to 1,500 points.   As the initial reinforcement of the reinforced gun will fill up to the maximum amount, it can be used strategically in zombie mode, which lacks ammunition. However, since ammunition will not be charged from the second reinforcement, it should not be used indiscriminately by believing in the "Pack-A-Punch" altar.       I hope this guide will help you clear IX. If you want to see more of this post about Zombies, please follow me. (Click my profile!) Please refer to the link below because it is a series zombie guide.       #BO4ZOMBIESGUIDE       ==========   1. [Guide] Overview of Zombies

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