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Comprehensive guide to "unsolved" Easter Eggs

This weekend, a recently-fired member of the Call of Duty team got revenge for his firing by posting a ton of Easter Egg leaks. His comments have since been deleted, but I've compiled all the relevant info here. I'll also link some video clips that will show you how to do the Easter Eggs. Just a note: this is all taken verbatim from the original posts and from other people's confirmation of the info. I take no credit for finding or writing these - I'm merely compiling it all into one clean post. Enjoy.   1. IX Viking Boat Easter Egg: Reward = Extra Perk   To do this Easter Egg, you must have wraith fire grenades and complete the Viking Funeral and Iron Bull.   First, use the shield to shoot the drumming gladiators during a gladiator round. You'll know it worked when it plays a guitar rift and the drummers will turn toward the arena and put their arms in the air. Next, the player has to melee nine zombies with the upgraded shield, while the blade is on fire. I believe there are one or two more steps of either using the WW or a certain trap to kill nine zombies. It's been changed multiple times since I last tested it so it may be slightly different or require a different amount of kills. A guitar rift will sound after completing each step. The physical reward I believe is just a random powerup. The main reward is that a destroyer will appear where the drummers and will appear to rocking out playing an air guitar. All destroyers will be able to play two animations; playing the air guitar and devil horns in the air.   There are several yellow text ciphers. One is in the room with the crying builder. Another in the center of the pit behind a hand that you interact with. One is in the way up in the stands on the right side of one of the podiums. One is under the center podium in the Arena. One is in one of the starting tunnels, the player will have to go down for this one. There is one that can only be seen in the stars during the Danu Tree event, I believe it's morse code based with the stars blinking. There may be a couple more that I forget. For the center podium one, I believe you have to kill a blightfather on the podium first. It may require using a certain weapon or AAT.   There is also a minor EE to change the "Bath House" to the "Blood Bath House". It requires getting about 830 kills inside of the bloody bath in Zeus Temple. The zone name will change, nothing else happens. The kill amount is the dev's son's birthday but it was last reported as changing before the amount was reached.   The crying builder is map lore and was the one who built the traps and WW against the wishes of his superiors. He was sealed in the wall alive as punishment.   You can take less trap damage by running/sliding through every trap variant (3) without taking trap damage from those traps all within the same round. Then you have to kill one of each type of enemy with a trap, except for the gladiators and blightfathers (this includes tigers and each catalyst type). Its unknown how but it can be reset so that you take damage again.   Video:

  2. Voyage of Despair: Pack-a-punch active at every location at all times   To do this Easter Egg, you must first activate the sentinel at the back of the ship, activate all 4 Pack-a-punch pedestals, and get an Elemental Kraken.   There is a fish located in one of several locations. Shoot it to make it fall and interact to collect it. After each one, another will spawn in a new location. Collect six total and go to the crate on the deck that has fish on it. Interact to receive a reward.   In the engine room, use an upgraded elemental kraken to shoot the four center-most moving pistons. They will smoke and stop moving after being shoot. Six blinking red light lead to six wheel to turn. After turning all six, go in the Turbine room and interact with the switch on the wall next to the door. This unlocks the PAP at all locations.   There is a dancing Humonculus dancing on an iceberg with a flag guard next to it. The flag pattern is a morse code cipher, this can only be seen using a sniper and looking through a certain window.   There are three sheets, each corresponds to a piano near the Grand Staircase, one is in the Dining Hall. After placing all three, quickly melee all three pianos and then the mystery box with your special weapon (doesn't have to be the same player). This allows the player to temporarily be able to switch their special weapon via the mystery box. This can be done repeatedly every round.   Stay under water for 30 seconds and there will be about a 5% chance every three seconds of a verse playing. After a verse plays, you have to wait three minutes to hear another.   Video:

  3. Blood of the Dead (Note: these are new steps, but the Easter Egg hasn't been totally completed yet)   You can upgrade the Golden Spork to the Sprknife and it is the most difficult/arduous EE in BO4. To do this, obtain the Golden Spork and go to the bathtub/tub of blood in the room next to New Industries (near the first fast travel). Now get 100 melee kills with the Golden Spork near this tub. When completed, a skeleton hand will rise out. Interact with it to place the Golden Spork. Now there will be three stones of different colors spawned around the map. The player has to find these stones. One at a time, the player must place a stone at its corresponding trap (acid, blade, or fan trap) and then get 100 kills near the trap. Once all three traps are completed, a gold colored stone will spawn. The player must take the golden stone to the skeleton hand. Interact and it will change to the Sprknife. These steps may have been slightly altered since the last time I did them, the 100 kills near the tub may be before or after (or both) the stones.   The minor EE are mainly tiny pieces of artwork that can be found by using certain attacks on certain objects. Such as; Use the Flamethrower's Tornado on the desk across from the mystery box in Administration, the Katana's Dash on a bookshelf in Library. You can activate your special weapon next to or melee with the golden spork the two signs in Michigan Avenue and Times Square (I forget which attack is for which).   Video:

  4. Classified: Samantha Easter Egg   After completing the Punch Card EE, go back to the military base. As Dempsey (only he can do this), throw a frag grenade (frag only) at the door of the large warehouse (opposite side of jump scare). Dempsey will say a quote. Leave the area, return, throw another frag, I believe this can be done five times for different quotes.   In the basement, go in the room with the projector. Stand in the corner across from the projector (corner next to table). Samantha will give her version of the Crooked Man Riddle.   Video:

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