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Preparations are necessary to survive!

Preparations are necessary to survive! Good to know before you start zombie mode

👉 Zombie mode 'Map' and 'Class' Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's zombie mode has many unfamiliarities with other modes. New words such as Elixirs, Perk, Special weapons, Talisman, and unfamiliar gameplay can be felt before starting. I have become familiar with zombie mode through tutorials, but I expect many users will not know where to exchange or install the above mentioned items. So the tutorial will tell you what to prepare before playing the zombie mode, from illusion and creation to item mounting. Now, let's make a thorough preliminary preparation to prevent the attack of zombies and succeed in survival.  

Currently there are four types of maps in Zombie mode: 'Voyage of Despair', 'IX', 'Blood of the Dead' and 'Classified'. Among these, Voyage of Despair and IX are called 'Chaos Story', and Blood of the Dead and Classified is called 'Aether Story'. Chaos story and ether story are similar in basic play style, and Elixirs and Perks items are the same. However, each map has its own strategy of attack, and the special weapons used in Chaos Story and Ether Story are different.  

Aether Story 'Devil Dog / Kaminari / Doctor' and Chaos Story 'Guardian / Berserker / Tempest' and other illnesses are set examples of potions and benefits. Depending on the illness, the profession or ability is not disturbed, and you can replace it with your desired potions and benefits, weapons, and equipment. If you are unfamiliar with zombie mode, just use the settings. After some play, you can change Perk and Elixirs to your own.  

👉 Elixirs and Talismans to help battle As I've done it before overview( Elixirs are buffs potions that can be used to play zombie mode and are divided into Classic, Common, Rare, Legend, and Epic. Four potions can be used during the game, and you can have your favorite potions before you start zombie mode. There are 15 classic potions that can be re-used after a defined cooldown time has elapsed. Potions from normal to heroes are all consumables, which can be obtained by consuming certain goods at the laboratory. It is better than the classic potion, but it needs to be careful because it disappears once it is used.  

Talismans are a kind of permanent buff that is consumed at the beginning of a game and gives a beneficial effect until the end. You can use the goods at the lab and attach the amulets you want to use in the bottle and creation windows. There are four classes of talisman: General, Rare, Legend, and Epic. There are 15 general rank, 8 rare, 6 legend, and 3 heroes, and it has a powerful effect like starting a match with a light machine gun, which is a key factor in achieving high difficulty.

Perk Statue of Chaos Story

Perk vending machine of Aether Story   Think of Perk as 'passive' to get the game playing. In the case of a chaos story, the 'Aether story can be purchased to earn rewards with a vending machine, but the benefits obtained from each perk Statue can be specified in advance in ‘Create A Class’ menu. Benefits are not permanent passive. As you play zombie mode, if you lose all of your health, you will immediately lose one of your perk, and later the resurrection will be delayed. The lost privilege can be purchased again from the Perk Statue  

The weapons that can be set up through in ‘Create A Class’ menu. are divided into special weapons, equipment, and starting weapons. First, special weapons are powerful weapons that only appear in the zombie mode, and correspond to the death or ultimate period. A total of eight special weapons, four in each of the Chaos Story and the Ether Story, are available. Step by step weapon effects are as follows.     👉 Special Weapons of Aether Story

* Hellfire Stage 1: Flamethrower - Liquid Napalm is sprayed to slow enemy and continuously burns. Stage 2 Blast Vent : Fires compressed air to push enemies and slows down powerful zombies Stage 3 : Infernal Tempest - Summons a Tornado of flames to instantly kill enemies on the path.

* Overkill Stage 1:Onslaut : Ammunition penetrates things, player and nearby friendly stamina regeneration speed increases, but movement speed decreases Stage 2 : Grenade Launcher - Fires a grenade to instantly defeat enemies within the blast radius Stage 3 : Tactical Nuke Set to self-destruct mode, thrown to the enemy, nuclear explosion, all players acquired score

* Path of Sorrows Stage 1 : Kaze Slash - Cut your enemies down. Increases your movement speed whild drawn. Stage 2 :Merciless Dash - Raise to the enemy with a sword, great damage to the enemy and stunned Stage 3 : Shadow of Death - Becomes invisible to the enemy by the power of the sword

* Ragnarok DG-5 Stage 1 : Shock Slam - Generate shock waves by inserting spikes. If a zombie touches spikes, Stage 2 : Electrocute - A powerful electric field around the enemy to damage and slow down Stage 3 :Power Plant - Place spikes to create powerful electromagnetic fields, slow down and damage in your area, players will automatically resurrect and do not lose any benefits       👉 Special Weapons of Chaos Story

* Chakrams of Vengeance Stage 1: Flawless Vision - The thrown Chakram automatically bounces back towards additional targets. S tage 2: Velocity - Movement speed increases while using Chakram. Stage 3: Lacerating Whirlwind - Causes a lethal whirl around.  

* Hammer of Valhalla Stage 1: Thunder Strike - Wielding a hammer to blow away enemies, gain protection gloves that are played whenever an opponent attacks. Stage 2: Storm Barrier – Summons a lightning storm that stuns nearby enemies Stage 3: Lighting Boi - Destroy enemies by causing extensive lightning.  

* Scepter of Ra Stage 1: Ray of Life: Shoot a focused beam of energy that slows and burns goes and heals allies. It can even revive Players who are down Stage 2: Vigor - Acquire resistance to property damage and state effects while the Scepter is activated Stage 3: Shining Beacon - Creates a shield, slows and damages enemies within the shield, and the friend is resurrected and does not lose the benefit.  

* Viper and Dragon Stage 1: Viper Dragon - Longer sword wielding like a whip, powerful medium shot shot Stage 2: Embers: Deals additional damage for a short time after use Stage 3: Viper Bite: Shoot the pieces of the blade to surround the enemy, snatch the enemy     Special weapons can’t be worn between players, and four people must be equipped with different weapons, depending on the ether story and the chaos story. You can use it as a LB key(console), and if you want to use it again, you must kill the zombie and completely fill the special weapon gauge.   There are five types of equipment that can be equipped in zombie mode. Initially, you can only use a ‘Frag', but the higher the level, the more powerful equipment like 'claymore' or 'Sentry' is destroyed. You can use it as an RB key (Console) during the game, and you can select the equipment you want to take from The create a class menu.   In the create a class menu, you can also choose the starting weapon of the zombie mode. At first, only the "WELLING" revolver is given, but when the character level goes up, four secondary weapons, one assault rifles and one submachine gun are opened. You can increase your chances of survival by choosing the right weapon for yourself.    

👉 Laboratory and Armory Laboratory sells three mixtures: Carbon Combo, Argon Array and Palladium Package. Classic, rare, legendary, and epic-rated potions, except the classic potions, are available here. Rather than buying the desired potion directly, it is a way to consume a certain amount of goods and get it at random. Talismans are also acquired at random, like potions, and you can’t buy the necessary amulets. Yet, amulets have no other acquisition path other than to consume goods at random and pick them up at the lab. However, in the carbon combo and the Argon herd consuming 30 pieces and 45 pieces of goods respectively, the talismans are stolen, while the "Palladium Package" consuming 75 pieces is guaranteed one amulet. So if you want to get a definite charm, I recommend you to buy a palladium package.

In Armory, you can attach attachments of firearms used in zombie mode. Attachment can’t be equipped from the beginning, the higher the character level, the more guns are thrown and the higher the level of the firearm, the more attachments you can get. Since the gun level is raised when the enemy is killed in the zombie mode, it is advantageous to use the preferred weapon in the early stage to quickly dismantle the attachment   I am going to try posting about zombie mode with gun guide in the future. If you want to see more of this post, please follow me. (Click my profile!) Please refer to the link below because it is a series zombie guide   #BO4ZOMBIESGUIDE   ======== 1. [Guide] Overview of Zombies

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