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Overview of Zombies

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 'When you try to play the zombie mode, you are confronted with a surprise scene. Unlike 'Blackout' or 'Multiplayer' mode, which uses special equipment in the background of the near future, characters from Greek mythology or Scandinavian mythology like 'Zeus' and 'Odin' wield weapon such as Thor's stormbreaker. If you did not go through the tutorial, it's easy to be embarrassed by the items and interfaces you see only in Zombie Mode, such as 'Special Weapons', 'Altar and Privilege', and 'Potion'. So, we introduce the basic guide for playing zombie mode easily.    

"The basic way of proceeding is the round type, the score to earn is a kind of money" The zombie mode takes place in round form, and as the round progresses, you are dealing with more powerful zombies. If you eliminate all the zombies in that round, you can enter a new round. Over the course of the round, you must be aware that fire, ice, poisonous special zombies, assault rifles, ax bottles, and huge bosses will appear.   There is a score in zombie mode. Scores are basically obtained by killing zombies, and you can earn extra points by killing headshots or melee attacks. There is also a way to score points by installing a wooden plank barricade that temporarily blocks the entry of zombies. These points can be used in a variety of ways, including weapon purchases, upgrades, ammunition replenishment, and door openings. In zombie mode, the score is easy to understand if you think it is a kind of money.    

"The most important weapon acquisition and upgrade methods" By default, when you start zombie mode, you are given a pistol. Additional weapons can be purchased as points in a picture of a weapon drawn on a wall. Naturally, a good gun requires more points.   There is also a way to get a gun in a "mystery box" made of bones. You can think of it as a random box, if you open the mystery box with a certain score, you can acquire a random weapon. The weapon thus obtained can be upgraded to a more powerful weapon by consuming points at the ‘ Pack-a-Punch' altar. The higher the round, the more difficult it is to deal with the zombies that come with the existing guns, so upgrading guns is a must for survival.       "Zombie Perks" Zombie Perk has 14 types and gives the player additional abilities. Each map has four altars and you can purchase the corresponding prizes for each altar. The perk to receive from the altar can be customized in the “Create A Class” window before zombie mode starts. You can't choose any of the 14 types of benefits from scratch, and you will be dealt one by one according to your character level. Zombie Perks are kept in a zombie mode like a passive game, but if you fall down because of your physical strength, you will immediately lose one of the privileges you have purchased. After the resurrection is delayed and the bleeding continues, other benefits are gradually lost. Lost perks can be redeemed for points at the corresponding altar.    

"Elixirs with buff potion effects" Elixirs can be thought of as buff potions that can be used in combat with zombies. There are five grades: Classic, Common, Rare, Legend, and Epic, and each grade has a variety of Elixirs. There are a number of abilities that can be used to instantly move or use a random Elixirs, ranging from somewhat basic to instantly acquire certain points, to revive all the players who have fallen down, or to Elixirs with very useful effects that charge up all the ammunition.   Elixirs can be equipped with the desired Elixirs by clicking on the potion in the “Create A Class” window before the battle begins. When the zombie mode starts, use '3 ~ 6' key to suit your needs. However, no matter what potion you use, every potion will have a charge time. Therefore, even if all the Elixirs are charged, you can not use multiple Elixirs at once.       I am going to try posting about zombie mode with gun guide in the future. If you want to see more of this post, please follow me. (Click my profile!)   #BO4ZOMBIESGUIDE        

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