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All About CWL Pro League

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  The Call of Duty's eSports Pro League is back for the Black Ops 4 16 teams will enter the MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio, to compete in the Pro League as they battle for the title of champion and win over $ 2 million in the total pool.   The Pro League is split into two parts - regular season and playoffs. The regular season will take place from 4 to 5 July. Afterwards, the top teams compete in a KO tournament worth a total of $ 1.25 million, which will be decided by this year's Pro League champion.   FORMAT AND INFO Two divisions (A and B), each consisting of eight teams. Each team receives $ 44,375 for qualifying and an additional $ 2,500 for each win. The four best teams in each division reach the playoffs. The bottom four teams in each division go to the play-in tournament for playoffs. The teams play two games against teams in their own division and one game against the other division. The series will be the best-of-five series according to the official CWL rules and maps.  

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