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Feb 20, 2019, 04:31 PM 397 read

New upade for Blackout

Call of Duty: General - New upade for Blackout image 1

  Blackout map will be updated and new small areas will be added.  

Call of Duty: General - New upade for Blackout image 3

And in Blackout, drop into two new locations based on “Buried” and “Outlaw” in the southeast desert’s new Ghost Town destination, and rise through the ranks of Blackout’s new Prestige system with 10 Prestige levels and 1,000 Echelons. We’ve retooled Armor, made tuning passes on nearly every weapon class to shake up the meta, reworked the scoring system to create more opportunities to earn Merits, and added new quality-of-life improvements like the ability to instantly swap weapon attachments onto a gun on pickup. And on Friday, put the pedal to the metal in Hot Pursuit, our all-new respawn mode featuring a new fleet of police vehicles and Muscle Cars.   #News    

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