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Feb 19, 2019, 12:11 PM 450 read

New zombie map 'Ancient Evil' released

Call of Duty: General - New zombie map 'Ancient Evil' released image 1

  Treyarch's Jason Blundell and Craig Houston have unveiled a new zombie map 'Ancient Evil' on Call of Duty ®: Black Ops 4 via live streaming. This map is the final story of Chaos Crew, covering the timeframe after IX, and tells the story of the Crews in Delphi, Greece.   In addition, Blundell has briefly commented on Zombie Mode DLC in the future. DLC3 and DLC4, which will be released after 'Ancient Evil', deal with the story of 'Aether' rcrew.   * You need Black Ops Pass to play Ancient Evil.     #News    

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  • gamer823223362 LV.14 Chief Feb 19, 2019, 12:40 PM

    This one looks good , let’s hope