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Feb. 14 Update

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Valentine's Day celebration 'Quadfeed Event' To celebrate Valentine's Day, a "quad feed event" will be held on Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4. This event will be held from 3:00 am on February 15th to 3:00 am on February 20th, and during the event, you will receive 2x player experience, 2x weapon experience, 2x 4x plasma and 2x bonus You can receive.  

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Revision of PC version play list This update has reorganized the PC version play list. According to the Treyarch PC team, the unnecessary mode is temporarily removed and left to the fans mostly favorite mode. Thanks to this, matching time will be shorter than before. The playlist reorganization has been applied not only to multiplayer but also to zombie mode. Please check to see which lists are prioritized.     Reduce blackout start time The match start time is now shorter than before because the match settings have been optimized for the blackout list.     #news #update  

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