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Activision Blizzard, 8% of Employees Laid Off in Year of Restructuring

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There was also mention of restructuring as well as management. In 2019, developers of Call of Duty, Candy Crush, Overwatch, Warcraft, Hearthstone and Diablo will be able to help developers increase their investment in giant franchises to accelerate content quality and delivery speed for their communities while supporting new product plans. 20%, lowering the priority of projects that do not meet expectations, and reducing costs for non-development and maintenance throughout the project. It also plans to integrate global and regional sales, market penetration, partnerships and sponsorship capabilities.   According to Coddy Johnson, CEO of Activision Publishing, it is expected that 8% reduction in personnel will occur. He said Infinity Ward's 2019 Call of Duty will be a successor to his existing sub-brand and will offer several campaigns, a huge multiplayer multiplayer world, and a new co-op gameplay, and Destiny IP And the quality of content, apart from the box office did not meet expectations because of the lack of.       #News Source : https://ru.wowhead.com/news=290236/activision-blizzard-quarter-4-2018-earnings-report-8-of-employees-laid-off-in-ye

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