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20. Epilogue of Guns Guide

Call of Duty: General - 20. Epilogue of Guns Guide  image 2

Hello I am Marcus T. I am finalizing the Guns guide of Black Ops 4 aka #BO4Gunsguide which has been serialized from October 22, 2018. Thank you very much for reading it, though I am not very good at it. I hope it can help beginners who are wandering after coming back to the Call of Duty series. Since I was also a newbie, I did a lot of study while writing this guide. I have put together a total of 19 Guns Guide list up below, so use the links easily. I would like to thank again all of you who liked me, cheered me on the comments, and the admins and moderators of the Call of Duty lounge. I will come back to give Moot users readability in another series.     [Assault Rifles] ICR-7 : Rampart 17 / KN-57 / Maddox RFB: VAPR-XKG : Swat RFT :     [Submachine Guns] MX9 : GKS : Spitfire : Cordite : Saug 9mm : Daemon 3XB :     [Tactical Rifles] Auger DMR / ABR 223 / Swordfish :     [Light Machine Guns] Titan / VKM 750 : Hades :       [Sniper Rifles] Paladin HB50 / Outlaw / SDM / Koshka :       [Pistols] Strife / RK 7 / MOZU : KAP-45 :       [Shotguns] MOG 12 : SG12 :     [Launchers] Hellion Salvo :  

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