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Jan 29, 2019, 03:38 PM 218 read

Circle Shifts and Gate Keeping strategy 💯

  ✔️Circle Shifts Have you ever struggled against 5 people in River Town and the circle shifts to Nuketown hard and it's 60% water. And so far to the west is this part of the circle completely out of the map? Circular shifts often determine how many kills you can achieve if you're a kill chaser, or they'll get you to get up and move if you're a strategic camper. Here is your personal playstyle will come to play. Circle shifts can give you a huge advantage by allowing other players to get into the safe zone.   ✔️Gatekeeping Gatekeeping simply means that you / your team are between the enemies and the security zone or on the line. If you try to keep people from getting into the white circle, or they are forced to eat blue damage while they are fighting, you can have a tremendous advantage. The name of the game is the choice of unfair fights that you prefer. Recognizing which circuits are cheap or not for Gatekeep may require a lot of practice, but can be one of the biggest advantages in the game. Keep in mind that the blue zone will do much more damage later in the game, adding value to the positional advantage over the course of the game.       #Tips

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