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No.1 For 10th Years In A Row

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Call Of Duty Is Best Selling Console Game Franchise In The US For Tenth Year In A Row! Activision published a blog post that highlighted the best Call of Duty moments from the past decade, as well as thank fans for playing.   "We've been honored over these past 10 years to see the community come together, showcasing some truly incredible moments," Activision wrote. "Whether it's jaw-dropping skills, frenetic clips or just some funny experiences, we're honored to serve the most passionate community around." The blog post ended with promises that there would be more Call of Duty to expect in 2019, but no exact details were shared.   A look back at 10 consecutive years: 2018 – Black Ops 4 2017 – WWII 2016 – Infinite Warfare 2015 – Black Ops III 2014 – Advanced Warfare 2013 – Ghosts 2012 – Black Ops II 2011 – Modern Warfare 3 2010 – Black Ops 2009 – Modern Warfare 2   #News   Source : https://blog.activision.com/call-of-duty/2019-01/thank-you-for-making-call-of-duty-the-best-number-1-best-selling-console-video-game-franchise-in-the-us-for-10-years-in-a-row

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  • gamer194041909 LV.23 Warrior Jan 29, 2019, 08:58 AM

    That's really interesting. I've never really thought about COD's success as a whole like that. What's also interesting is that COD games individually are consistently doing worse with every game that comes out.