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Jan 28, 2019, 01:28 PM 327 read

Armor adjustment will be done soon.

Call of Duty: General - Armor adjustment will be done soon. image 1

  David Vonderhaar, TreyArch Studio Design Director, told me that his tweeter is going to be done in the near future. Vonderhaar mentioned the following:   - In order to repair a damaged level 3 armor, you need two armor pieces basically. * One armor per 2 armor is repaired. For example, if you have suffered two health damage, you will need four pieces of body armor to restore it to its original state.   - Level 1, level 2 body armor will be adjusted to match with the level 3 body armor.   There is still no mention of when the work is officially in-game. The patch is scheduled to be released on January 30th, and we will have to keep up with the news to see if it will be adjusted.   #News

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