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How to get DLC Weapons

Call of Duty: General - How to get DLC Weapons  image 1

  There are 3 new weapons at the moment. Daemon 3XB, you unlock that at tier 50. The swat riffle is unlocked at tier 100. And thereis just a new event, you can unlock the kap45 on tier 25. All these events and tiers end in 26 days. If you don’t have them by then you’ll need to unlock them through the crates in the tier system. Tiers increase based on game time , the more you play the more progress you get. Check the black market for progress, it will also tell you the reward for each tier. each tier is an hour of in game time. you'll probably level up fastest in Blackout if you can survive long enough   #Tips    

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    Wait blackout levels your tier faster? I never knew that