Joshua Fuentes LV.5 Lurker
Feb 12, 2021, 12:11 PM 14 read

XGN Is Looking For You!

Xiled Gaming Network strives to improve the gaming environment for not only its members, but other people, as well as become a hub for gamers to interact. XGN has over 2,000 members between PlayStation and Xbox and has been around for 10+ years. We have over 90,000 subscribers to our social community forums. We are sponsored by several large names in gaming including: Kontrol Freek, AirDrop Crates, Rogue Energy, and many more. We have over 30 ranks in XGN ranging from Corporal to President. Everything is voluntary, and we offer a high level of respect to anyone who wants to help keep this community running. Additionally, no member is forced to change their Real Name or Gamertag on PlayStation to reflect XGN unless you choose to go to the rank of LT or higher. XGN is both competitive and casual. If looking to join..... Add me discord LilJoshDawg#5647

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