Smileys Services LV.2 Lurker
Jan 4, 2021, 12:49 PM 72 read

Hosting cheap Cold War lobbies

Join The Discord For Further Questions or If You are Ready To Buy A Pacakage😃 All Proof Of lobbies in discord! Prices: 5$-dark Ops social distancing calling card (reach round 20 without being hit) 10$-easter egg completion + calling card 20$-level 200-300 25$-level 200-300 + max 10 guns(doesn’t include any camos) 30$-level 500-600 35$-level 500-600 + 10 guns maxed(doesn’t include any camos) 60$-level 1000 + prestige shop 65$-level 1000 + prestige shop & 10 maxed guns(doesn’t include any camos) 60$-1 hour XP & Weapon XP Lobby With 3 friends 70$-2 hours XP & Weapon XP lobby with 3 friends(edited) ZOMBIES CAMO SERVICES (off stream) ———————————————————————————————— 50$-1 Gun Of Your Choice Gold 80$-Diamond Shotguns 120$-Diamond Subs,ARs,Tact Ars,Launchers, or pistols(only comes with one of ur choice) 135$-diamond snipers 300$-Full Dark Aether(1 week off stream service)

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