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CoD Mobile's New Best and Worst Skin!

Skins.  Such wonderful things to work towards in CoD Mobile.  It's relaxing to see the number of kills in certain sections get cleared as you work your way to getting gold and platinum, nearing damascus ever so slightly.  Then BOOM!  CoD Mobile gets an update.  You inspect every part of the game to find what changes you can see.  Then... there it is.  The diamond skin.  The BEST and the WORST skin in the game.  Let me explain.

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H aving a skin that looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL on ANY weapon in the game is rare to come across.  It was a miracle to see it done, though.  Putting the diamond skin on any pistol, assault rifle, sniper, melee weapon, etc... any weapon looks AMAZING in the new skin.  But there's a catch.  Unlike the skins we're used to collecting, the approach is different for getting diamond for our weapons (besides the melee and launchers).  We need to get 10 kills in a game.  No wait... a lot of games.  Like... 100 or more games, depending on the weapon.  What...

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This season will be filled with some of the biggest tryhards in the game who are pursuing diamond camo as we'll all be trying to get as many diamond weapons as we can, most likely starting on the weapons that we like to play with the most.  The only catch is that we need to get 10 kills with the weapon in the game.  But, you have to do this with anywhere from 80 games (with pistols) to 150 games (with assault rifles) to accomplish this feat.  Also, this appears to be a season-specific skin that is probably going away when season 13 ends.  THAT is a horrible decision (besides having to play so many games).  The only 2 ways that you can be efficient when farming the skins is to either change your loadout after 10 kills to a new weapon (which is extremely annoying) or to just leave the match after 10 kills (I'm not sure if this'll count, though).

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 Here's a few ways that the devs could've made this update much better:   1. Make the skin accessible past season 13 (though it isn't confirmed it will be gone after the season) 2. Make the skin accessible after receiving platinum with a weapon type 3. Make the skin accessible after maxing out a weapon's level 4. Make the skin accessible immediately (with higher expectations that'll most likely make it achievable after all preceding skins

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Under ALL of these conditions I believe the skin should be attainable from getting a bunch of kills rather than playing a load of matches.  In those 150 games I play with my ICR-1 I would probably get about 7500 kills (I can probably average 50+ kills easily) which seems like a LOT if you ask me.  That seems a lot more appropriate than having to spend twelve and a half hours playing hardpoint OR MORE (if a game averages 5 minutes it'd be 12.5 hours total).

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 What do you think about the skin update?  Overall the entire season 13 update has been phenomenal and I'm excited to review the changes and the nerfs (FENNEC GOT HIT HARD) and see what's in store for the future of the game!  What weapon(s) are you going for diamond on (if any)?  Good luck on your grind and remember to take it easy.

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    They look dope

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    love cod mobilr

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    this is why we love COD

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    Look good

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    Got my first one

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