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Jan 8, 2019, 08:50 AM 1,967 read

BO4 is Missing a No-Specialist Classic Mode

I can't be the only one whom thinks that Black Ops 4 missing a classic mode in which there are no specialists is weird. I can't be. A classic mode such as the one that I'm talking about should be a standard feature.   Once you introduce Specialists, you introduce issues that can affect the balance of meta. Don't get me wrong, I like multiplayer with the different Specialists but I do want a a mode in which the playing field is not being partially dictated by the Specialist you choose.   More specifically, this is how I imagine how the character setup would work in this mode. On a side note, it's based upon how it worked in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, which I think is the epitome of Call of Duty games.   ---------------LAYOUT--------------- Setup Name:   Primary: Secondary:   Equipment: Grenade:   Perk 1: Perk 2: Perk 3:   Death Streak: ----------------------------------------------- This is my favourite Modern warfare 2 load out: Setup Name: 3.2.1. NUKE!   Primary: AK-47 - Suppressed Secondary: PP2000 - Suppressed   Equipment: Semtex Grenade: Stun Grenade   Perk 1: Scavenger Pro Perk 2: Cold-Blooded Pro Perk 3: SitRep Pro   Death Streak: Final Stand -----------------------------------------------   With a level playing field & standard kill streaks then we can focus on just simply on our own skills & weapon/perk load outs.By the way, I'm not saying that I don't like the specialist focused multilayer of BO4. BO4 definitely shakes up Call of Duty in a good way. If you want to call me old fashioned, then go right ahead. I mean I did grow up during the early days of gaming during the 90s. I do genuinely prefer more straight forward game modes when it comes to PVP (DM, TDM, & CTF).


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