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Can we grow our lovely Community a bit follow my Twitch and insta Doing a Call off Duty Cold war give away this coming Wednesday and more holiday treats to come. Goals Twitch - 1. 300 Followers - Give away 1 Copy Cold War To a member In The Community 2. Average 10 viewers needed to reach affiliated. Discord - I'm learning how to manage and use a Discord if you are interested in joining Our Community At KGS that would be Great. Requirements To join Discord 1. Must Follow Rules and Respected Admins 2. Must Be 16 or Older to join 3. Must atleast play 2-7 Times a week. Explain- Some people have work and may be busy for a few days. If you are gonna be gone for awhile plz tell someone hey im gonna be gone. Knights Gaming Syndicate is always looking for active players we play a wide arrangement of Games. Examples 1. Cold war 2. Borderlands 3 3. GTA V 4. Fallout 76 5. Warzone Modern warfare 6. Call Of Duty Modern warfare Follow my Insta for more info and pm me for Discord Insta is photo

Call of Duty: General - NEW STREAMER AND GIVE AWAYS EVERY WED image 2

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