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We are looking to add a few new members onto GMK! We’re looking for some new players whether it be casual or competitive! We are just starting our COD MW second Esports team so players are welcome to join, but besides that we need many teammates from NBA 2K to Rainbow to Cod Mobile. We want everybody, so apply today!😁 (Content Creators, Streamers, GFX, VFX, Editors, Casuals, Competitive Players, etc.)   Apply today here for your chance to join🥳   🔗 (SPOTS ARE LIMITED) Bring some friends too if you’d like!🤞   #GMK #GasMaskKillas #GATW #Esports #Recruitment #LFG #COD #CODCLIPS #CODMobile #Mobile

Call of Duty: General - GMK IS RECRUITING!😳📝 image 2

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  • [Godblast⁷1²3★‽] LV.18 I’m the champion! Dec 17, 2020, 04:03 AM

    I don't want to join, but what does GMK mean