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Jan 6, 2019, 08:33 AM 755 read

Activision is going to kill of BO4 this year or next year with a new COD

Some of you are going to be like WTF that's not going to happen, but I do honestly think that Activision is going to be killing off BO4 within this year or the next year. In general this tends to always happen due to the fact that Activision has two different Development Studios working on parallel Call of Duty games.   This is also the problem with games that get frequent sequels in a small window. As much as I love Call of Duty, I don't want to see a new Call of Duty so frequently.   I want Treyarch to fully flesh out and realize BO4's potential. BO4 is probably one of the most exciting entries in the Call of Duty series. BO4 takes interesting risks and it still maintains it's Call of Duty identity. With a potential new Call of Duty game coming out soon, BO4 is going to get overshadowed and then forgotten.   Let's hope that the next Call of Duty doesn't cannibalize BO4. I'm also worried that the next Call of Duty will also feature a Battle Royale mode as well, which could make BO4 irrelevant. Activision don't fuck this up.

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