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Jan 5, 2019, 06:36 PM 630 read

Microtransactions when put into Google translate roughly translate to more money.

I am kinda late with this, but I want to give my thoughts on the reticle being sold as a microtransaction in BO4; why are people acting surprised? It's a genuine question I have. So this post will be split into three parts; the reaction from the community, what the reticle actually was, and the problems this creates in the future. I've seen countless YouTube videos discussing the microtransaction, none of which praised the recent purchasable item. All of which seemed surprised it even happened. Why though? Does the community not understand that Treyarch/Activision no longer care about their playerbase? (I like thinking of the blue screen problem and how the former employee who leaked a bunch of information stated that Treyarch/Activision only care about the game crashing if it happens to streamers) If you support this microtransaction let me know though along with why you do or your reaction to this. So the reticle that was added as a microtransaction is nothing more than a red dot ring sight. I'll attach a picture to this post so you can see it. The price for this reticle was 100 CoD points (50 on sale). Okay, so it's a dollar microtransaction, it's not that bad, right? They set a rare reticle at a price point of 100 CoD points, but what would a legendary reticle cost? It may initially seem absurd that people are getting upset over something so small as this reticle, but that's just it; the reticle is almost identical to a preexisting reticle. They literally altered a few pixels and are repackaging it to their playerbase without hesitation in exchange for actually money.

Lastly I want to say that Treyarch/Activision adding a reticle as a microtransaction is bad news for everyone who enjoys Call of Duty. This could set the precedent for a lot more absurd microtransactions. If someone would have told me that I would have to pay for a reticle in Call of Duty, I would laugh or maybe expect a badass reticle. Now though, it seems any microtransaction is possible. I look forward to the next Call of Duty where some attachments are obtainable exclusively through microtransactions. Oh yeah, sorry to anyone who lost their Pink Diamond LeBron James in 2K19. I would argue that when Treyarch accidentally gave us a free variant, removed it, and got away with it that 2K Games figured they could do the same thing.

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