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12. Fire with powerful force, LMGs Review

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A light machine gun (LMG) is a machine gun designed to be employed by an individual soldier, with or without an assistant, as an infantry support weapon. Light machine guns are often used as squad automatic weapons. There's a LMG, so of course, Heavy-Machine Gun: HMG, right? In war movies, M60s, which are often carried in cars and tanks, are basically heavy machine guns that soldiers don't carry around. In places like Call of Duty where you run around with guns, of course, you don't see heavy machine guns, and all these machine guns here are Light-Machine Guns.   In Black Ops4, it's very difficult to sort out all three types of gunshot are so different.   1. Lots of long shot 2. Slow re-armament 3. The most powerful of all the speakers. 4. relatively low accuracy   In other reality-related shooter games, it's usually a regular stall, or a narrow street corner, and it's a regular thing to play in the form of a cordon or an alley captain.   The black Ops4's LMG in the near future seems a little different from the traditional stuff. Today, I’m posting the other two, except Hades, that already posted the review.          

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1.Titan "Full-auto light machine gun. Reliable firepower with the largest ammo pool." The Titan is a high-damage, low-RPM light machine gun that excels at putting down suppressive fire from a distance. Unlike other LMGs in multiplayer the Titan does not have access to Fast mags or Hybrid mags. This can be problematic due to its slow reload. To counter its slow reload the Titan can be equipped with extended mags that can boost its ammo capacity to a enormous 150 rounds.   In fact, there is nothing remarkable about stats. Well, It's the most accurate among the low-accuracy total of the games. Even if it is compared with Assault Rifle or Tactical Rifle, it is not comparable level ... The strength of Titan, however,'It does not have a noticeable advantage, but it does not have any disadvantages'. That's why it's the most "general" gun with Vapr.. In a word, the balance is good and versatility is high. It does not miss all the long and short distances, and the accuracy is high when aiming at shooting.   Especially since it has the largest number of ammunition among the machine guns, the reloading pressure which is the greatest disadvantage of the machine guns is less pressing. In the case of AR's Vapr, it is unlocked at a very high level, whereas Titan is a basic gun given directly to level 5, so you may want to decorate it with XP. If my friend who is new to CoD asks me to recommend a total, I would recommend Titan.     ■ Sights Reflex, Recon, Holographic, Dual Zoom, Threat Detector, NVIR As a versatile Titan, you can mount as many sights as possible.       ■ Attachments Extended Mags I, II FMJ I, II Quickdraw Stock  

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We have a wide range of choices, in fact, because the total is consistent with performance. Follow your instincts! However, it is recommended that the FMJ be fitted as it can exhibit significant resistance to the other Scorestreaks equipment. And if you've ever heard of Titan, let's say, "The enemy helicopter, the UAV, the Mantis, is on my mission to destroy it." Depending on their skill, Titan with FMJ II breaks down their equipment faster than a rocket launcher. Razor Wire, barricades. It's not a bad idea to carry a rocket launcher with a secondary weapon. When equipped with FMJ, the rounds will turn yellow (whereas the default rounds are blue). When equipped with FMJ II, they will turn red.  

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■ Operator Mods : Oppressor "Suppress enemies near your bullet stream.”    

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As you can see, the screen is blurred even though it is only around the bullet's edge that is shot or flying. One of the auxiliary devices is called 'Shock Grenade', which is almost the same effect as when hit.   The person who used it will have no feeling, but in the right place, there is this headache. I can not shoot the gun properly. When the snipers get out of here, there's no point in running away ... Especially if you shoot with this Titan where enemies are gathered, you can instantly kill the opponent. But honestly, this feature is more like a shooter. It is a 'support' function. Because it is not popular.It's good when you catch Sniper by Titan.    

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2. VKM 750 "Full-auto light machine gun. Highest damage in class with low mobility." This boy is reminiscent of Heavy Machine Gun. In blackout, VKM uses 50 caliber ... This 50 caliber is about 12,7 mm, and in reality it is a gun used for heavy guns and sniper rifles with the feeling that 'bear smashing'. Of course, damage is a feature not to mention. If you do not feel that you can not feel it again, the damage stat is VKM 11 and SDM 12. In the last sniper rifle review, did SDM say that it was two uppercuts? VKM is available in 3 legs (2 heads if mixed).   Even so, what is OP as automatic fire ? There is a fatal drawback to say. The fire speed is very slow.I do not feel like full-auto, but I feel like I'm just blown? Because of that, most of the people who write VKM while using other auto guns feel frustrated ... This gun is deprecated for a player who is sick because Ames is not good. However, it is a gun that can not be more attractive to users with accurate Aim trekking. I'm counting. With the Attachments and Mods described below, the VKM is actually a machine gun that can be operated in SDM class.     ■ Sights Reflex, Holographic, Dual Zoom, Threat Detector, NVIR     ■ Attachments High Caliber I, II Fast Mags I, II Extended Mag I, II Grip Rapid Fire Quickdraw I, II     The key is High Caliber and Rapid Fire. Since it is not a gun which consumes a lot of bullets to catch an enemy anyway, there is not a big feeling of a vertical handle or quick reloading. The LMG has a small amount of firearms. The Extended Mag is good, though ... It's not like the high-caliber guns you use, it's not comparable to the efficiency of the High Caliber 2.   Since Operator Mod is actually required for VKM, there are 3 parts selection. 1. High Caliber I + II + Fat Barrel 2. High Caliber I + Rapid Fire + Fat Barrel 3. (Give up Perk and Secondary Weapon) High Caliber I + II + Fat Barrel + Rapid Fire   Whichever you choose, it's a personal taste. Try it yourself and choose the one that fits your hand.    

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■ Operator Mods : Fat Barrel This is a little funny, but if you write this in your settings, you will get a 'bigger shot' .... I feel that the size of the enemy character is getting bigger in the actual game. That's why the head of your opponent gets bigger and you get a good head shot when you mount the Fat Barrel.   My feeling is that the head shot will pop up almost 1.5 times. With High Caliber, the synergy gets bigger, so you can kill your opponent with almost 2 shots. VKM is also a scarier gun than any sniper gun, as written. The downside is that there is no FMJ, so the damage to the object is rather low compared to the Titan.         #BO4Gunsguide If you have any problems or questions in my Guide, please leave comments at any time! If you follow me, you'll be able to check out my guide quickly in Newsfeed.   Check the hashtag and click on the link below:           ==============   1. Multiplayer recommended ICR-7

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6. Dream of One Shot One Kill, All of SRs Review 6. Dream of One Shot One Kill, All of SRs Review Greeting! It's been a long time Mooters! This is #BO4Weaponguide #BO4Gunsguide This time, I will review the most attractive categories at a glance. Sniper-Rifle (SR) In short, a sniper's gun. Let's look at the features of SR in Black Ops 4. 1. Very high accuracy and penetration 2. Single bolt action based 3. One shot in headshots Accuracy and penetration is important things in SR because of course it is the strongest. The SRs on Black Ops 4 are mostly based on single-bolt action. It is a way to load through a process of shooting a pair and pulling the lever and putting the next shot into the chamber. Well ... of course, the speed is slow, and I often have to walk everything in one pair. It's a man's dream. Headshot 1 shot 1 kill is an important part of the game, like the Rainbow Six, which is either 'unconditionally' on the system, or the damage is over 150 at the time of the headshot. Anyway, all current SRs have one shot in headshots, especially Paladin and KOSHKA, with High Caliber, one shot in the upper body. Only the SRs are allowed to breathe when zooming in. This game is surprisingly large at the time of zooming by breathing. The SRs will then activate the breath hold function, which will hold the immobilizer for about 5 seconds if you hold down the L3 key. After this time, the breath will fade and the breath will shake more and more. It's possible. Because of this, SRs have dedicated attachments related to this bounce function. Stabilizer 1 reduces the fluctuation caused by breathing during zooming, Stabilizer 2 increases breathing time. 2 is unique to Paladin.

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