XGN Nightwave XS LV.19 Sage
Nov 7, 2020, 03:50 PM 40 read

EGS is now Recruiting!!

We Are A Fun Friendly Not Competive Gaming Community. We have Multiple Squads On Multiple platforms. Look Right Here. We only Require You To Be 15 And Up And Have A Mic And Discord. We Play Multiple Games Like COD, RL, D2, R6 And Etc. We Do Have A Ranking Structure Along With Squad Activities Within The Squad And Community. We Give You A Chance To Meet People, Have Fun And Everything Else. If You Have Any Questions Or Interested In Joining EGS Feel Free To Hit Us Up. Discord: EGS Nightwave V#2022 PSN: EGS_Nightwave_V Main EGS Games: GTA V Rocket League Rainbow 6 Siege Modern Warfare Destiny 2 Apex Legends Fortnite Brawlhalla Valorant (PC Only) Ark CSGO (PC Only) Wow (PC Only) League of Legends (PC Only) Overwatch Fall Guys

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