KillerSenpai LV.8 GG
Oct 28, 2020, 04:08 AM 16 read

The Striker 45 AKA Dream Dasher

When the game released the striker 45 I was excited, mw2 flashbacks and good times with the boys. This gun sucked, so much wrongs, I dropped the weapon as a whole. Time goes by and "Dream Dasher " releases! I was like this gun sucks but I'll use it. I enter some games and I get use to it. Next thing it turns into my go to weapon. It was my first Obsidian weapon and my most kills weapon. From trash 45 to the LAZER MACHINE(JK it has massive recoil and slow rate of fire but high damage).

Call of Duty: General - The Striker 45 AKA Dream Dasher image 2

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