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11. How should 'SWAT RFT' be complemented?

Hi! Because it is Holiday season, I just got a free time to post Gun guide again! #BO4Gunsguide    

As you konw, I've already covered it in the AR review, but since it's a new gun, I have not seen it well, so I'll post it for a bit more deep this time.

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  Operation Absolute Zero has been updated to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, with updated melee secret santa, submachine gun DAEMON 3XB and assault rifle SWAT RFT. Among these are the specs and attachments custom of the assault rifle SWAT RFT, which is automatically acquired when the tear 100 is in the black market. Such a firearm can be used in multi-mode, and in blackout mode it can be used freely without any special demolition method.  

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The SWAT RFT can only be acquired if it is a tear 100 of the black market, so it can be used relatively quickly if steadily utilizing the daily tier skip. It is not recommended to tear up a tier while purchasing a tier because there are many evaluations that the performance of a firearm is somewhat smooth rather than an OP class. Below is the gun spec of the new assault rifle SWAT RFT.  

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I think that SWAT RFT is a balanced type with harmonic and speaker power. The problem is that there is no outstanding feature, so there is no feature of this gun only. Compared to other assault rifles, it is hard to find a reason to use this newly added gun. Compared to the ICR-7, the range is shorter and more accurate, making it difficult for SWAT RFTs to replace ICRs in mid-range engagements.   MADDOX Rather than RFT, it is hard to follow the strong damage of RAMPART 17. Compared to the VAPR-XKG, the SWAT RFT is more recoil and slower. It is not the best weapon in Black Ops 4, but it is not well recognized. Because of this, the SWAT RFT must compensate for the lack of performance through the attachment.    

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■ Sights Reflex, Holographic, NVIR, Threat Detector   ■ Attachment Long Barrel I,II, Fast Mags I, II, High Caliber I,II, FMJ I,II, Quickdraw I, II, Stock I, II, Extended Mags I, II, Suppressor   Unlike the ICR-7, the SWAT RFT can be equipped with a High Caliber I, which allows you to target headshots and kill enemies faster. If you prefer a medium-range / short-range combat style, it's a good idea to use High Caliber I, Stock, Extended Mags. Especially with Extended Mags, the magazine capacity is increased by 20, which is very helpful in frequent battles. Depending on your preference, sneakers are the most common to use Reflex, and I recommend using Stimshot, which can often raise your stamina.

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If you prefer a long-range battle, consider using the Long Barrel for Quickdraw Aim and High Caliber I. Similarly, the sights can be used according to the individual's preference, but Reflex is the easiest choice. In this case, it is better to use Comsec Device instead of Stim Shot for auxiliary equipment because there are fewer physical strengths than short-range combat because it takes a long distance position and takes battle.             If you have any problems or questions in my Guide, please leave comments at any time! If you follow me, you'll be able to check out my guide quickly in Newsfeed. Check the hashtag and click on the link below:     ======== 1. Multiplayer recommended ICR-7

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6. Dream of One Shot One Kill, All of SRs Review 6. Dream of One Shot One Kill, All of SRs Review Greeting! It's been a long time Mooters! This is #BO4Weaponguide #BO4Gunsguide This time, I will review the most attractive categories at a glance. Sniper-Rifle (SR) In short, a sniper's gun. Let's look at the features of SR in Black Ops 4. 1. Very high accuracy and penetration 2. Single bolt action based 3. One shot in headshots Accuracy and penetration is important things in SR because of course it is the strongest. The SRs on Black Ops 4 are mostly based on single-bolt action. It is a way to load through a process of shooting a pair and pulling the lever and putting the next shot into the chamber. Well ... of course, the speed is slow, and I often have to walk everything in one pair. It's a man's dream. Headshot 1 shot 1 kill is an important part of the game, like the Rainbow Six, which is either 'unconditionally' on the system, or the damage is over 150 at the time of the headshot. Anyway, all current SRs have one shot in headshots, especially Paladin and KOSHKA, with High Caliber, one shot in the upper body. Only the SRs are allowed to breathe when zooming in. This game is surprisingly large at the time of zooming by breathing. The SRs will then activate the breath hold function, which will hold the immobilizer for about 5 seconds if you hold down the L3 key. After this time, the breath will fade and the breath will shake more and more. It's possible. Because of this, SRs have dedicated attachments related to this bounce function. Stabilizer 1 reduces the fluctuation caused by breathing during zooming, Stabilizer 2 increases breathing time. 2 is unique to Paladin.

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