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10. DAEMON 3XB! Find fun with Killing Speed

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Happy Holiday! Moot Specialists! Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 's massive patch, “Operation : Absolute Zero” has been available in the all platform, allowing new guns to be used.Three new weapons(Submachine gun DAEMON 3XB, Assault rifle SWAT RFT, Melee Weapon Secrets Santa) added to the gun. New weapons are automatically acquired and can be used in multiplayer if they reach a certain tier in the black market. In blackout mode, you can instantly loot and enjoy without any special unlock method. This article introduces the DAEMON 3XB submachine gun for the Tier 50.

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The initial of the Black Ops 4 Multiplayer was SMG meta. Most multiplayer maps were specialized before close range combat, so the efficiency of the SMG was too high. Especially, SPITFIRE and SAUG 9MM were able to play with a hip fire without changing the aim of the enemy. This problem has been improved with a few gun balance patches, but there are still a lot of users who are overwhelmed by the strength of those days.   Since it is SMG which was notorious at the beginning, it is expected that there are many users wondering what specs will be added to the newly added SMG. The DAEMON 3XB's firearm specifications such as damage and distance range are as follows. Please note that this new addition to the new gun does not have a separate operator mod.

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"3-round burst submachine gun. Fast cyclic rate of fire with improved hip fire accuracy."   Low damage and short range, but high firepower. Just look at the SPITFIRE is the emerging. Comparing the two guns shows that DAEMON 3XB has a one-point low damage, but has a high degree of accuracy and a high degree of accuracy. The DAEMON 3XB has a maximum of 18 firepower, which is the highest of all firearms, but it is unlikely to pick up the maximum DPS for unfamiliar players due to its 3-point nature.   Because of this feature, as in most SMGs of the Black Ops 4, it shows the best performance in melee combat-oriented combat. In blackout mode, it can be useful in combat in the final round. It is not bad at medium distance engagements because the shot spread is not worse than other submachine guns. So what kind of attachments should DAEMON 3XB have in multi?   ■ Sights Reflex, ELO, Holographic, Compact Scope   ■ Attachment Fast Mags I, II, High Caliber I, II, Grips I, II, Rapid Fire, Laser Sight I, II, Hybrid Mags, Extended Mags I, II, Suppressor  

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The core attachment is High Caliber. Before and after attaching the High Caliber, the performance will vary by 180 degrees. This is because low damage can be compensated by the large diameter. Imagine that the fire speed is faster than SPITFIRE, but the damage is also strong. You can use the Reflex if you prefer close range to suit your combat style, or if you are considering medium range engagement. Hybrid Mags, which reduce reload time and increase the number of shots, are perfect for DAEMON 3XB.

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If you prefer an assassination play, such as aiming at an enemy's back, or surprise, I recommend High CaliberI, II and Fast Mags, and a Suppressor. It's a good idea to use quick reload for magazines because of constant movement, frequent battles and loads. It's okay to have nothing on the sights because it is close-ass play.   Hip fighters may be tempted to give up on High Caliber and install Rapid fire and Laser Sight. For magazines, you can use any of the Hybrid or Fast Mags.     #BO4Gunsguide If you have any problems or questions in my Guide, please leave comments at any time! If you follow me, you'll be able to check out my guide quickly in Newsfeed. Check the hashtag and click on the link below: ========================   1. Multiplayer recommended ICR-7

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6. Dream of One Shot One Kill, All of SRs Review 6. Dream of One Shot One Kill, All of SRs Review Greeting! It's been a long time Mooters! This is #BO4Weaponguide #BO4Gunsguide This time, I will review the most attractive categories at a glance. Sniper-Rifle (SR) In short, a sniper's gun. Let's look at the features of SR in Black Ops 4. 1. Very high accuracy and penetration 2. Single bolt action based 3. One shot in headshots Accuracy and penetration is important things in SR because of course it is the strongest. The SRs on Black Ops 4 are mostly based on single-bolt action. It is a way to load through a process of shooting a pair and pulling the lever and putting the next shot into the chamber. Well ... of course, the speed is slow, and I often have to walk everything in one pair. It's a man's dream. Headshot 1 shot 1 kill is an important part of the game, like the Rainbow Six, which is either 'unconditionally' on the system, or the damage is over 150 at the time of the headshot. Anyway, all current SRs have one shot in headshots, especially Paladin and KOSHKA, with High Caliber, one shot in the upper body. Only the SRs are allowed to breathe when zooming in. This game is surprisingly large at the time of zooming by breathing. The SRs will then activate the breath hold function, which will hold the immobilizer for about 5 seconds if you hold down the L3 key. After this time, the breath will fade and the breath will shake more and more. It's possible. Because of this, SRs have dedicated attachments related to this bounce function. Stabilizer 1 reduces the fluctuation caused by breathing during zooming, Stabilizer 2 increases breathing time. 2 is unique to Paladin.

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