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How to Get Nukes in CoD Mobile: Crossfire!

So, I've shown how to make the best Rifle loadout in CoD Mobile for accuracy. I've also shown that I know how to get a nuclear bomb in the game on various maps. Today, I'm going to share my secrets for one of the maps so you can start getting nukes, also. I'm going to tell you the recommended parts of the loadout you should use and also the best game modes and positioning to make it happen. Because there's so many maps, I decided to start on one of the easiest maps to get a nuke on. Crossfire. Let's get right into it.

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First, let's start with your loadout. Though you need a 20 gunstreak to get the nuclear bomb, you don't really need to worry about what weapon you use. I recommend going with your most comfortable weapon but make sure that it's capable of killing enemies both at close range and at medium range. You won't be don't anything distant for the most part. My Rifle loadout I shared in a previous post is a great example of a very accurate weapon you can use. But, in terms of perks and specialists... what you take matters a lot more. Perk 1 for me is Fast Recoveral, although using Lightweight and Agile is also respectable because of the speed increases. My reload time and positioning is really good though so I stick to quicker healing instead. Restock sounds like it may be useful once it's added to the game, too. Perk 2 for me is set to Vulture because I tend to run out of ammo after a certain point. You'll be getting enemies close range so feel free to use this as you'll have plenty of enemies to scrap ammo off of. If you're okay with picking up other weapons like I am, you can do what I do and trade Vulture for Toughness or Cold-Blooded. These perks help deal with flinching from shots or with dealing with scorestreaks. It can be super helpful with preventing a dumb death. I wouldn't use Ghost simply because enemies will know where you are, UAV or no UAV.

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Perk 3 should be Alert. I always use it to get the cone that shows an enemy coming. Even without a UAV, you're detecting enemies that are getting dangerously close so you can quickly take care of them before they ruin your streak. No other perk comes even remotely close to being as useful as this one, ESPECIALLY when nuke hunting. For lethals and tacticals, I'd recommend going with whatever you personally prefer. Trip mines will be an essential once Restock is released because of the 25 seconds recharge, meaning an easy way to protect yourself while your attention is elsewhere. But for now, go with what you want. Specialists are a different story, though. You'll want something you can quickly use and be done with so you can continue with the gun streak. I use hives to cover one of my sides and then I just focus elsewhere. Super helpful.

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For Scorestreaks, I recommend a UAV for enemy position revealing, an RC car to stop enemies so you can get easy kills, and either a counter UAV to stop their sites (helps with getting assist points to get more RC cars) or a sentry gun so it covers your side for you. Pick your preference.

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Onto the map. I recommend playing Capture the Flag when it's up or to play Hardpoint or Domination. You'll want to stand by the kitchen near the bus. This is your rotation area. You can peek around the building towards the lower part of the long street. You'll have some mid range targets there all the time. As they come to the kitchen through the side entrance or through the spawn entrance, you should quickly pick the enemies off with some quick shots and hide behind the stairs or by going up the stairs, even. Reload, regain HP... whatever you need before going back out to the battlefield. It's highly recommended that you take advantage of the little area so you don't overcommit to a fight. Once your hives are ready, feel free to spread them around the kitchen (especially near the door) so you can kill any enemies pushing sooner than you wanted.

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Collect ammo or weapons from enemies in the kitchen as needed, rotate, and play smart positions. Before you know it, you'll get yourself a nuclear bomb and you're off to a huge multi-kill with the nuke. If the spawn flips, you can make use of the bus area until it flips again, by the way. It's not as ideal as playing against enemies on the other side of the map but it'll do the job, surely. Good luck and enjoy!

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    I get nukes all the time

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    I got it the other day, pretty easy

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    I'm still waiting for that SMG loadout.

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    ok so i did a 10v10 and killed 104 without dying i got only one nuke why?

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    It may limit players to one nuke per life

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