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Best Rifle Loadout in CoD Mobile!

What makes a loadout the absolute best in a game? Well, it should be easy to get hits with, be strong enough to kill in a few shots, and should also not have any hindering defects that will make playing with it difficult. Since BEFORE the update, I was rocking the best possible gun the game allowed me to make and now AFTER the update, it’s still the best rifle I can create. I present to you the best Rifle loadout that you can possibly use right now in CoD Mobile!  

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  (Here's a video if you're interested in watching rather than reading through!)

  First off, let’s look at the rifles. We want something that is already pretty accurate, has a nice fire rate, and doesn’t have severe problems anywhere else in its stats. I went with the ICR-1 because it’s standing at a 69 base accuracy. It also has a sweet 60 fire rate and is overall a well rounded weapon. The only honorable mention I have is the M16 because of its overall better stats besides a tied mobility and slower fire rate. While using it though, I find the burst fire to be a nuisance because it gives too much time for enemies to react and get the kill on you if your first burst doesn’t kill.   Now, onto the attachments. We’ll be trying to make the ICR-1 as viable from long range as possible. So, we’ll work on getting a better ADS Bullet Spread reduction. I also have two alternatives to the attachments. One for optic users and one for players like me who hate using any sort of optic attachments.   Let’s head over to the Barrel. The OWC Marksman increases the range, control, and accuracy of the gun while only hurting your mobility slightly. Mobility won’t matter when you’re shooting enemies down at long range and when you’re also running an overpowered pistol loadout, also (which I’ll make a post for soon)! The Marksman provides better increases in stats from its competition, so we’re keeping it.  

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  Now let’s look at the stock. Before the update, the stock made this gun go from a 76 to an 86 overall accuracy. Now, we’re moving to the RTC Steady Stock for another 7 accuracy bonus, putting you at 82, now! The mobility drops again but as mentioned earlier, the benefits outweigh the problems.  

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  Now let’s add a laser. All of them help your accuracy and mobility. I use the OWC Laser - Tactical because it offers the highest increase for accuracy. It’s better to have this than the RTC Laser 1mW because though you have a visible laser, the 1mW only offers a hip fire accuracy increase while the OWC helps your ADS Speed and your ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy. Huge plus in the direction we need!  

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  Next up is the Underbarrel. The Ranger Foregrip is my choice with the control and accuracy bump. The others are all ranging in good to very good but I’m telling you that for what we want, the Ranger Foregrip is THE foregrip for us to use!  

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  Finally, we have a Rear Grip. The only one that helps our Accuracy is the Granulated Grip Tape. So… choose that! Now your ICR-1 is sitting at an astounding 98 overall accuracy, 63 range, and 75 control, meanwhile your mobility drops to 52 overall. This is a VERY great loadout for an iron sight user like myself. You’ll be capable of sniping players with the AR across Highrise if you’d like (trust me, I tried and succeeded)! BUT, for the optic users, what’s the best attachment to swap out for your sight? The answer is the Rear Grip. Both the rear grip and the barrel will offer the same accuracy from a 98 to a 92 but the barrel removal also decreases your range and controls (buffing your mobility slightly, also). You need those to work together to have such a strong weapon. So no matter which optic you choose, swap out the rear grip and you’re good to go!  

Call of Duty: General - Best Rifle Loadout in CoD Mobile! image 14

  So there you have it! The best possible Rifle class you can use at this very moment (if you’ve leveled the gun up enough for the attachments)! Hopefully this helps you with ammo conservation, accuracy, and your overall performance! Enjoy the new overpowered loadout and good luck out there!

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