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Best Changes in Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone

Nothing has been anticipated in the gaming world lately like the drop of Call of Duty: Warzone’s season 5 update and rarely do these updates ever live up to the hype. We were promised trains and stadiums and it just kind of seemed too good to be true, would they really implement all of these changes right off the bat? The answer is yes they certainly did and it is an awesome update with very little to complain about. I’m serious, Infinity Ward did an awesome job here. This is what I liked and disliked about the update.   Loot Train

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I’ll admit at first I had no idea what to expect with this train. Could you ride it? Could you destroy it? Could you drive it? The actuality of it is far simpler. Simple, but effective. The train basically acts as a moving vault in that it’s stacked with legendary level chests and items. Throughout the match, the train will be traveling along the tracks and you need to either land on top of it or just time your jumps right from a vehicle to get on it. Once there, a variety of different obstacles are available to hide behind and the scenery passing you by while on the train is just ana amazing aesthetic to add to Warzone. I’ve seen these trains be very popular for landing early on in the game and this leads to some exciting shootouts from people on the train or shooting at the train from other buildings. It’s not a huge change, but just a fun little interactive thing to add to an already outstanding map.   The Stadium

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We’ve been loathing this thing for a while now and have been pining and begging for the developers to let us into this magnificent structure. That time has finally come as the stadium is fully open for business and while it isn’t the most amazing version of what people were hoping for, it’s still a solid addition. Littered throughout the field are military tents and loot boxes which makes sense, but I was kind of hoping to see an untouched sports field to do battle on, but maybe that’s just me. The bleachers and concession areas though are fantastic to fight in and really lends an interesting angle to where you should be dropping to start matches from now on as this place is just loaded with loot. This will finally make the circle ending near the stadium not such a harrowing experience and more of an exciting one. Now to get those annoying tents off the field and we’ll really be in business.   The Train Station

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It’s not just the train that’s up and running, the entire train station area that was previously inaccessible is now fully open as well. The station is kind of a mini-mall of sorts and that means you’re going to find tons of loot in this area. It’s pretty dark and decrepit and goes aesthetically with everything else that’s happening on this dark and mysterious island. The more areas the better in my mind and while this area won’t win any awards for creativity, it earns points for getting rid of the feeling that we’ve been limited in where we can go in this already massive map.   The New Gulag Playlists

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Finally, the Gulag makes sense. Every week we will be treated to a different loadout in the Gulag and this will be the thing that fixes all the players bitching about snipers in the Gulag or pistols etc. Everyone has their preference and this makes it so you can get a taste of guns you aren’t familiar with while still having plenty of opportunity to get your favorite weapons in the Gulag depending on the week. I do wish that they just would rotate the weapons game to game instead of week to week, but this is a good start and I’m hoping it isn’t one of these timed features that disappears after a couple of weeks.   Mini Royale

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This mode is perfect for the players who love the idea of a battle royale but hate the actuality of waiting and strategizing and often not seeing another player for ten minutes at a time. The mini royale thrusts you all into specific areas and challenges you to be quick on your trigger finger as the battles take place very quickly and it feels more like team deathmatch than a battle royale. This is a great mix between the two though and really gives those trigger happy teammates of yours their time to shine without sacrificing all of what makes Call of Duty: Warzone so great.   So what do you think about the new season? Anything you liked or disliked? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!  

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  • KringHD LV.13 4x Champion! Aug 9, 2020, 04:37 AM

    you can climb on the moving train without a vehicle ... i know this because i tried by myself if you are wondering...

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  • Locostealth LV.21 Insomniac Aug 8, 2020, 01:37 PM

    I liked the pistols

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  • Hugo Lucero Vazquez LV.5 Lurker Aug 14, 2020, 11:48 AM


  • SputnikOBando LV.17 Sage Aug 8, 2020, 03:17 PM

    I don't really like the pistols, but the shotguns have grown on me.

  • TTV LUKESLAYZZ LV.22 S Aug 9, 2020, 10:16 PM

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  • Patriots2994 LV.23 Shotcaller Aug 10, 2020, 01:29 AM

    I appreciate having access to Stadium & Train Station. It makes both drops more enticing.

    The train doesn't do much for me. I expected more of an Apex-style loot train that is high risk/high reward.

    Mini Royale is fun. The playlist breaks up the sometimes slow starts to standard Warzone matches. It trims the fat without compromising gameplay.

    Pistols and shotguns in the Gulag are a welcome change. I loathed the sniper rifles as the weapons didn't really fit the cramped space of the Gulag. I still have nightmares of spawning in with the god awful Dragnov.

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