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The Top Vehicles in Call of Duty: Warzone

  One of the most important aspects of Call of Duty: Warzone, although underrated, is the use of vehicles on the map. We see them practically everywhere, with at least one vehicle around any area. From the Prison to the Quarry, there will be tons of options to choose from, and this choice can make or break your game. Here are the top vehicles that you and your team can use to not only get through the map, but also inflict serious damage on opposing players.   The top vehicle is the Helicopter. This is by far the most unique vehicle in the game, as it is the only one that provides aerial capabilities. Unlike the other vehicles, the Helicopter is something that cannot be hit on the ground and can only be hit by aiming upwards. From the getgo, this gives you two advantages. Although a chopper is huge in size, hitting it at that high of an altitude with a sniper or assault rifle will be very hard. Even if you do hit the Helicopter, it will cause minimal damage at best. What about missiles and airstrikes? Although the aim of both of these weapons is more accurate and deadly, the squadmates in the Helicopter will get notified and will just hop off as soon as they can and recalibrate. Unlike a ground vehicle, when the Helicopter explodes, there is a chance of survival through escape. Finally, with its speed across the map, the Helicopter can really get you places where you need to be. From exiting the gas or trying to quickly dominate a certain part of the map, the Helicopter will be the best bet.

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The second best Vehicle is the SUV. out of all the options we have on the ground, the SUV is your jack of all trades vehicle. It can go fast, like the ATV, while still maintaining a huge amount of protection from outside opposition. One of the best traits in any vehicle of the game comes down to speed, durability, and flexibility. Although the chopper wins cumulatively in all three categories the SUV can move you across the map pretty fast and even get through obstructions, like trees or buildings, while still giving protection. However, mastering its movement will take some time, as compared to the more nimble ATV.

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The third best vehicle is the Cargo Truck. Although it may get a lot of negativity in the Call of Duty: Warzone community, it is the safest bet of all the vehicles in the game. It cannot maneuver as nimble as the SUV or the Chopper but is for sure one of the sturdiest in the game. It can take the most amount of damage and can fit your entire squad. The only two downsides from the cargo truck are that everyone is out in the open by the trunk and that it is the slowest vehicle in the game. If you are trying to escape the gas, this is one of your worst bets. However, if you are trying to dominate a space or see an enemy team nearby, use the Cargo Truck to rummage your way through and get their loot.

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    Tbh only the heli is worth taking.

  • Booty Patrol LV.2 Lurker Aug 7, 2020, 11:02 PM

    High kill warzone games are all about movement and how you can move across the map. Helicopter should be your first option but SUVs are my go to vehicle because you probably won’t have the helicopter for the whole game. Just put a trophy on ur SUV and hunt down bounties after bounties for 20 to 40 kill gameplay.

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    sue eus

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    seems to be pretty spot on and agree

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    umm the warthog lol