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Worst Places to Drop in Call of Duty: Warzone

  Anyone have a teammate with the absolute worst ideas? “This area looks great, let’s drop here.” “I think I’ve got enough for a loadout, oh wait I only have $9000”. Listening to this ever-helpful teammate always gives you the worst start and you’re usually spending the rest of the round trying to recover from the mistakes. Those mistakes generally tend to come at the beginning and that means a terrible drop zone. Plenty of places seem appealing, but there are certain places you need to avoid like the plague until the dust settles a bit in the round.   5. The Stadium

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I am praying to the gods that the stadium soon becomes a fully-fledged indoor environment that becomes the main attraction with the upcoming season update, but as it currently stands this place is a hellscape where all joy comes to die. Dramatic? Yes, also I don’t care. This place has fewer positives than a government branch undergoing COVID testing so it’s in your best interest to stay the hell away at the jump of a match. The loot boxes are limited and the amount of spots you can be ambushed from is simply impossible to count. Want to grab the loot box near the will call stand? Get ready to be shot at from the carnival tents, right underneath the nearby bridge, the sniper in the tower across the bridge, the player new to the game who felt it would be fun to see how far a rocket can travel. You get the point, you’re going to get destroyed unless you’re as alert as possible. There just is no reason to land here other than the unique scenery and while it’s nice to look at, you can’t look at something if you're dead. Because then your eyes won’t work, it’s science.   4. Verdansk International Airport

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This is a fantastic spot to loot, but we’re not talking about looting, we’re talking about where we want to drop and the reason we’re staying the hell away from here is because of all that loot. Unless you are the very first team to touch down in the airport, you’re likely to be welcomed by an outfitted team with a solid arsenal while you run around like an idiot with a pistol. It’s incredibly tempting, I know, the hangars are loaded with equipment and buy stations are usually littering the runways. But the last thing we want at the start of the match is a full-fledged firefight with suboptimal equipment. Wait a little bit, search the nearby apartments and bide your time. The airport is always going to have tons of equipment, you just should not be going there at the very start.   3. Arlov Peak Military Base

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You know, for a military base, I strangely can’t find a damn weapon to save my life here. I know they probably exist, but navigating this area is such a nightmare and there’s just too many places to be wary of other players popping out and shooting you that it hardly seems worth it in the long run. The only beneficial thing about this area is the abundance of vehicles, That’s right, the best part of this area is the ability to get the hell away from it. If that’s not an advertisement for staying away, I don’t know what is. The giant hangars above this area though are quite solid to bunker down in at the end of games though, so this area isn’t that bad later in games, just terrible at the start of them.   2. Zhokov Boneyard

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Do you like despair? Do you like bullets hitting you from all angles shot out of what appears to be thin air? Well, do I have a spot for you! Seriously though, landing at the Zhokov Boneryard is the equivalent of punching yourself in the face with a cement boxing glove. The benefits are there are some chests littered throughout the destroyed planes, but despite this giving the appearance of being a solid place to find loot and cover, it’s often fleeting. I don’t know what it is about this place, but generally, when my team ends up here, we can see the Gulag lurking around the corner. Whether it’s the snipers hiding out in the depot building or people camping a nearby buy station, this place is just a misery. I wouldn’t even recommend coming here once the dust settles. It’s painful to navigate and just ugly to look at. Avoid at all costs. Or don’t, and let me know how you did in the Gulag.   1. The Atlas Superstore

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While I’ve preached the value the Superstore has when you travel to it later in the round, going here at the start of a match is simply asking to die. I mean, where do I start? This is a labyrinth of riches for sure, but the cost of those riches is generally your entire team getting wiped out within seconds of entering this place. There are tons of entry points, high and low and unless you manage to quickly pick up a gun outside the store, you’re usually going to be under-equipped as the bullets start flying from the teams who beat you to the punch. If you get in there and decide to bail quickly, you’re out of luck as well as plenty of teams post up on the roof or wait in the nearby parking lot waiting for people to come running out of the store. If you must go to the Superstore, I beg of you, wait it out. Let the number of players thin out a bit before charging in there, trust me, no matter how good you are, you aren’t good enough to survive 5 teams shooting at you at the same time.   So, what’re your least favorite spots to drop? What are your favorites? Let’s talk about it below!  

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    All hot areas

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    these r all 'hot drops' which r places to go for lots of kills I always land super store and hav gotten quite a few wins from it... NOOOOOB

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