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7. Dream of One Shot One Kill, All of SRs Review

Greeting! It's been a long time Mooters! This is #BO4Gunsguide This time, I will review the most attractive categories at a glance. Sniper-Rifle (SR) In short, a sniper's gun. Let's look at the features of SR in Black Ops 4. 1. Very high accuracy and penetration 2. Single bolt action based 3. One shot in headshots Accuracy and penetration is important things in SR because of course it is the strongest. The SRs on Black Ops 4 are mostly based on single-bolt action. It is a way to load through a process of shooting a pair and pulling the lever and putting the next shot into the chamber. Well ... of course, the speed is slow, and I often have to walk everything in one pair. It's a man's dream.   Headshot 1 shot 1 kill is an important part of the game, like the Rainbow Six, which is either 'unconditionally' on the system, or the damage is over 150 at the time of the headshot. Anyway, all current SRs have one shot in headshots, especially Paladin and KOSHKA, with High Caliber, one shot in the upper body. Only the SRs are allowed to breathe when zooming in. This game is surprisingly large at the time of zooming by breathing. The SRs will then activate the breath hold function, which will hold the immobilizer for about 5 seconds if you hold down the L3 key. After this time, the breath will fade and the breath will shake more and more. It's possible. Because of this, SRs have dedicated attachments related to this bounce function. Stabilizer 1 reduces the fluctuation caused by breathing during zooming, Stabilizer 2 increases breathing time. 2 is unique to Paladin.        

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1. Paladin HB50 It is a one-shot sniper gun that is basically given at level 5. But it is a master craft gun that has been firmly in the top of the SR after the patch because of its powerful damage and proper attachments configuration, low fire level to high performance, and the enemy upper body. The damage is highest among all the main weapons, not only among all SRs. On the other hand, the accuracy is lowered somewhat, but it does not become a big problem when aiming at shooting, but it is almost as if the aiming shot is almost right. Therefore, it is important to increase the reload speed of these guns. As you can see from the description of attachments below, Paladin is yes. There is no such thing. The slowest, but the most heavy one shot. That's the man's rifle, Paladin.   ■ Sights Paladin actually has the most sights of all SRs. In general, ACOG is used a lot, but some people use detectors, holograms and even iron sight.   ■ Attachments 'Stabilizer' is only attachments to SRs, Paladin is the only two mountable. Also, the only attachments that are unique to Paladin are automatic loaders, which are attachments that allow you to load without releasing the zoom in. When you look at the attachments composition, Paladin's style, which the crew wants, is located in a certain area and you can use it to zoom in beforehand and kill the enemy that appears. If you go into the game, you can see it easily, experienced users are slaughtering newbie with Paladin. If you go to Reddit, you could see many users complaint Paladin needs nuff with this issue. However, if you try it, it is surprising that this game has a wide range of targeting so Paladin is a relatively easy to use gun for beginners. SRs are basically good penetrating power, especially Paladin can get FMJ II, so you can try on the month's shotgun, but Paladin is a one shot gun, so it's efficient . Wearing gloves with only FMJ1 You can improve efficiency against users, but the correlation between armor and FMJ is still a much needed part of your research. Paladin does not have an operator mod.        

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2. Outlaw It is a revolver type bolt action single shot sniper rifle. It is in the form of a revolver rather than a magazine, but reloading is done 9 times at once, like the "Tubular Magazine" of the MOZU revolver. Accuracy is the best among the SRs, so it fits well with the aiming fire, and the speed of fire will be the 'pulling speed of the lever'? This is the fastest of the bolt-action SRs. It is a sniper rifle capable of shooting at almost one shot per second as you become accustomed to the attachments described below.   ■ Sights The SRs have the fewest number of sights, but it does not matter if they have anything to do.   ■ Attachments Rapid fire, Quickdraw and Stock are attachments that illustrate OUTLAW's identity. In particular, in the case of rapid fire, it is said that the rotational speed of the chamber is described, but in reality, it can be said that the lever pulling speed is faster. That is, the interval between firing is shorter. Because of this, it is not semi-automatic, but it is possible to have a very crazy auto fire. For bolt action. In the case of a vertical knob that reduces the kickback during a firing, it is also useless to bolt action sniper guns, but it is attachments that produce synergies when combined with the OUTLAW snapshots.   The identity of OUTLAW can be seen as 'speed & lightness'. It is a sniper rifle that quickly pours a shot while moving quickly, but the bolt action is a bolt action in the end. The fact that you do not have a single upper limb when you put a High Caliber on anything is basically a fatal flaw in the bolt action rifle OUTLAW. OUTLAW is a very hard-to-grow gun. Nonetheless, the reason for raising this gun is because of the operational mode.   ■ Mods : Bolt Cylinder Let's get this out of three at a time! I mean Burst. Of course, if you get all three shots, you will be killed by your arms and legs. High Caliber If you mix the upper body and die in two feet. Note that this burst is very fast. One thing to keep in mind is that OUTLAW has 9 basic jackpots. You can only shoot 3 times with a bolt cylinder. Because of this, when using operator mod, 'Improved magazines' attachments are mandatory, not optional. This will increase your total grenade to 15 feet. The problem is that Operator Mods, High Caliber, and Rapid Fire do not have a seat, but if you give up your prizes and secondary weapons and choose to fly, you can kill them in one burst, so I will choose to give up Rapid Fire and take the rest.        

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3. SDM It is SDM which occupies a quite unique position in Black Ops 4 because it is the only semi-automatic rifle in SR. Due to its semi-automatic nature, many people are mistaken for DMR, SDM is a "sniper rifle" belonging to SR category. Honestly, it is a personal view, but I think it is a gun that is undervalued due to stereotypes of semiautomatic = DMR, or even one-shot monkeys in the same SR category, despite having a very well-balanced stats and balance. There are actually a handful of enthusiasts who pull out monster damage from ingame to SDM. Unless you are a high-end user, the latter is much more helpful to the team if you have a newbie with Paladin and SDM. Once you have a newbie with SR, it's a negative to the team itself.   ■ Sights Not as good as Paladin, but with a wide variety of sights. Just like DMR, the dangers with NVIR are okay.   ■ Attachments Extended Mags II and Grip II stand out. SDM, which is semiautomatically fast and has a high firing rate, is a gun that melts when it shoots. Because of this, the large magazines are quite useful attachments, 1 for 4, 2 for an additional 4. Extended Mags II has a total of 18 guns. Continuing to zoom in on the SDM, like the Auger DMR, the Grip is also very useful. With the Paladin, there is no operator mod, so there is a lot of attachments, which is not a bad choice.        

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4. KOSHKA Like the Paladin, it is a single bolt action SR. Compared to Paladin, it has a firing rate of 1 square and a damage of 1 square. This one box really makes a lot of difference. Decisively, I do not have the upper body one-shot. Damage based on this patch is 140. The launch rate is a little bit faster, but is it still a bolt action rifle, so the lever pulling speed is still slightly faster than Paladin? Killing the opponent and pulling the lever slowly, and pulling the lever down like the OUTLAW, but KOSHKA is somewhere in between. Is it ambiguous? However, due to the patch upgrade, these disadvantages of KOSHKA change into merits!   ■ Sights ACOG, Iron, ELO, NVIR (Boring!)   ■ Attachments Most notable is the Quickdraw and Laser Sight. Hip fire is good Quickdraw is the key to being a bolt action anyway. Mounting up to Quickdraw II speeds up the zooming in speed. High Caliber has made KOSHKA the biggest beneficiary in this patch! When this is installed, it becomes the same as Paladin, and one-shot can be made possible. Quickly aim and quickly reload, 1 foot - KOSHKA Slowly aiming, slowly reloading, 1 foot - Paladin KOSHKA would be better than Paladin, but it is not necessarily. High Caliber opens at level 11, which is really hard to raise to level 11. No matter how fast you zoom, what do you do? Of course, it is clear that KOSHKA is Paladin's upward compatibility when compared to full mount Paladin and full mount KOSHKA in the current state.   ■ Mods : Strelok This is a very subtle attachments, but the zoom speed is faster. The visibility is widening, these words were many attachments. So I did the experiment today. This feature probably reduces the 'sway' feature. Let's think of this sway as something that we actually aim at with a sighted gun. Put the gun on your shoulder, put your chin on the gun, put your eye on the sights, right? In the process 'shakes' of course. I shake and the gun shakes. This phenomenon is called 'sway' (or turn-sway). This sway phenomenon? Function? Has been used as a function to prevent zooming of real-based shooters as well as zooming in on unrealistic games. Especially the previous works of Cole were notorious for this sway. Black Ops 4 has been shrinking at the time of launch, but ... In other words, if these attachments reduce the sway and swiftly aim at it, theoretically KOSHKA will be a very fast sniper.     If you want to see more of my gun reviews, check the hashtag and click on the link below: ======== 1. Multiplayer recommended ICR-7

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