Riley LV.2 Lurker
Jun 30, 2020, 04:14 PM 14 read

Season 4 MW Gun modifications

Increased Max Ammo: M4 .458 SOCOM Rounds Increased Max Ammo and Start Ammo: CR-56 AMAX M67 Rounds SKS 10 Round Mags Striker 45 Hollowpoint Rounds SCAR Default Mags Oden Default Mags Increased Start Ammo: SCAR 25 Round Mags Oden 25 Round Mags AX-50: Increased damage range HDR: Guaranteed one-hit to lower torso at any range Kar98k: Increased ADS speed Small decrease to hip spread Increased damage range MK2 Carbine: Faster movement speed Increased damage range Dragonuv: Increased ADS speed 2 hit kill min Gun recoil returns to the center more Faster rate of fire FAL: Added a close-range damage shelf with one-hit headshot potential AK-47: Increased ADS speed CR-56 AMAX: Decreased damage range MP5: Decreased damage range Decreased 10MM damage range Reduced long-range damage to 10MM ammo Slight recoil increase to 10MM ammo Grau 5.56 Damage range reduction Slight increase to high-frequency recoil Reduced recoil compensation and decreased range on Tempus 26.4” Archangel and FSS 20.8” Nexus barrels Shotgun Slugs: Increased projectile velocity Reduced ads spread Added dynamic hip spread Increased damage ranges Increased lower torso damage No stock attachment: Increased weapon recoil Decreased ADS aiming steadiness

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