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Choose the right gun for your play.

There is a commonality between weapons and distances. = Sometimes from the Multiplayer, some players try to take the SR over long distances with SMG, and then they take the LMG and they fight at close range. I've seen a lot.Usually. It is usually based on the position of each weapon, and if you are out of position, unless you are a high-ranked opponent, you can not use the characteristics of the weapon.   In the SR, the goal is to take a long position, preoccupy a long alley, and shoot down enemies.Or it's important to get rid of the enemy of special forces.   LMG takes a mid- to long-range position similar to the SR, but then puts pressure on the entrance of the occupied territory so that the enemy can't come in, so if they're carrying a full-blooded gun, they'repeat-face. You can think of it as a simple struggle.   You can think of AR as a result of the accurate aim and control over the enemy in a mid-range exchange. When LMG checks you, you can be shot to death with a little blood cut, or you can shoot the other AR.   DMR has a similar position as LMG, but since the accuracy of DMR is very good in medium and long distances than pressure shots, it is aimed at putting accurate dilling into each other during a struggle. The enemy is something I don't care about, but I have to be good at controlling the distance with the DMR to create a situation where I can meet the enemy.   SMG is the most near-field exchange, but it is the right position for back-to-back input. At the same time as AR, it becomes the main force of battle. The purpose of the game is to shake the opponent's side by side or back, using very fast mobility. However, if two or more players on the five-member team follow suit, there is a possibility that the front will be pierced in the fight. Generally, bypass positions recommend one person, so up to two people are appropriate.   #CODTIPS

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